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Creators of Sore, the owner of the fire-Tamashii. Read our story to get to know about her adventures.

Tales of Sore: The Keeper of Kasai-Tamashii
3 months ago
Hyuosuke sat on the edge of his bed staring outside the window. The sky was still filled with gray clouds. It had poured the whole day yesterday. He got up to check on his Grandpa and Sore, when he sa...
Tales of Sore: The Keeper of the Kasai-Tamashii
4 months ago
Sore was sitting at the edge of her bed staring out the window towards the direction where her father came back home after work. She impatiently looked back at the clock to check the time. It was two ...
Tales of Sore
4 months ago
Power, Strength, and Magic