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By 012- M.GayathriPublished 5 months ago 2 min read

In the Tamil film business in particular, Vijay, also known as Joseph Vijay Chandrasekhar, is a well-liked and respected actor in the Indian film industry. Vijay, who was born in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, on June 22, 1974, has made a name for himself as a top performer in the region's cinema business.

Several salient features of actor Vijay

Career in Film: In 1992, Vijay starred in his first motion picture, "Naalaiya Theerpu". He has since starred in a number of popular Tamil movies.

Popular Nicknames: His followers call him "Thalapathy," which translates to "commander" or "leader" in Tamil. Vijay's celebrity has come to be associated with this moniker.

Action, drama, romance, and comedy are just a few of the cinema genres in which Vijay has experience. His movies frequently improve our cinema career.

Actor Vijay, better known by his stage name Thalapathy Vijay, has won multiple honors for his services to the Tamil cinema industry as of my most recent information update in January 2022. Remember that there might have been more honors or successes since then. The following are a few honors that Vijay has won:

State Film Awards of Tamil Nadu:

"Kadhalukku Mariyadhai" won the MGR Award for Best Actor in 2000. Filmfare Awards South:

"Ghilli" won Best Actor (Tamil) in 2004. Best Actor (Tamil) in 2008 - "Thuppakki" Vijay Awards: Best Actor (Tamil) (2012) - "Pokkiri"

2006's Best Actor - Favorite Hero: "Sivakasi" (2007) - The 2013 "Pokkiri" Icon of the Year

2016's Top Entertainer of the Year - "Theri": 2017's Favorite Actor - Best International Actor, "Mersal" (2018) - 2019's "Mersal" Best Actor "Bigil" Edison Prizes:

(2013) "Thuppakki" won Best Actor.

According to my most recent information update from January 2022, Vijay, a well-known Tamil actor, is married and has kids. The following information pertains to Vijay's family:

spouse: Sangeetha Sornalingam is Vijay's wife. August 25, 1999, saw the couple's marriage. Sangeetha is descended from a Tamil family from Sri Lanka that has made the UK their home.


Son: Sanjay Jason

Daughter: Saasha Divya

Attending family gatherings together, Vijay and Sangeetha are frequently spotted leading comparatively secluded lives. Their kids, Divya Saasha and Jason Sanjay, have occasionally been spotted going to public events with Vijay and Sangeetha.

Please be aware that details regarding the private lives of celebrities are subject to change and that there may have been advancements or modifications.

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