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The Whisper of Nature

Glitters of God

By Janani ChandrasekaranPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
The Whisper of Nature
Photo by Jason Ortego on Unsplash

In nature's grasp, where wonders unfurl,

Whispers of wind through emerald swirl.

Where rivers dance and mountains rise,

Underneath cerulean skies.

In forests deep, where shadows play,

Sunlight filters through in a golden array.

Each leaf a tale, each flower a song,

In nature's symphony, we all belong.

The songbirds trill their melodies sweet,

In a chorus of life, each sound complete.

The rustle of leaves, the babbling brook,

Nature's language, in every nook.

Beneath the stars, the night's embrace,

A canvas of beauty, an infinite space.

Where dreams take flight on wings of light,

In the stillness of the velvet night.

Nature's palette, ever so vast,

Paints landscapes with a master's cast.

From sunrise hues to sunset's glow,

In nature's embrace, our spirits grow.

So let us wander, let us roam,

In nature's cathedral, find our home.

For in its beauty, we find our worth,

In the embrace of this sacred earth.

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