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The smoothie diet and functions in The Body And Types of food for the smoothie diet plan.

Smoothie diet plan

By Vijay kumar Published about a month ago 2 min read
Smoothie diet

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In this text, you will find out how the keto diet works in our body, what are its important roles and the food that is essential for the smoothie diet.
Smoothie diet in the body is based on high fat intake, regulated protein intake and low carbohydrate intake.

Smoothie diet ts function in the body and its important role

With proper nutrition, the body uses carbohydrates as an important source of energy. Carbohydrate intake is limited in the body, so fats assume the most important function.

The intake of fat into the body puts the body in a state of ketosis. By introducing fat into the body, it brings the function of the body into a state of ketosis. The intake of fat in the body is quite safe and does not interfere with the normal functioning of the body.

The essential role of the smoothie is that the body must adapt to enter the state of ketosis. During this period of adjustment, the goal is to stay hydrated and consume enough salt, and to stay focused and persevere with the keto diet.

Many expect to be hungry on a keto diet, but this is often not the case with other diets.

The reason for this is that there is no large caloric deficit, but only the nutrients and their ratio change.

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Keto diet

Foods that contain a lot of carbohydrates and are sources of fatty acids are used for the keto diet:

Fish is a source of protein and rich in healthy omega 3 fatty acids. The most common fish that are recommended are trout, tuna, salmon.

Meat is an excellent source of protein and does not contain carbohydrates. Meat rich in fat such as pork, veal and lamb is preferred.

Eggs, the yolk in the egg is rich in fat, and the white in protein and does not contain carbohydrates, making them the ideal food for the keto diet.

vegetables low in carbohydrates: cauliflower, cabbage, asparagus, zucchini, eggplant, celery, cucumbers, tomatoes, celery, etc.

Mushrooms are very similar to vegetables and contain a small amount of carbohydrates.

Fruits that contain high fats are avocados and olives and are very low in carbohydrates and high in unsaturated fatty acids.

Seeds and nuts are rich in unsaturated fatty acids and do not contain many carbohydrates

Dark chocolate does not contain a large amount of carbohydrates and is rich in fat. In the keto diet, a moderate intake of dark chocolate and other products that contain cocoa is recommended.

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