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By Daniel morkaPublished about a month ago 3 min read

I slipped down the alleyway with the equipment. Everything was going as planned by our group. All my colleagues were in position. I contacted Rick. He was ready. I climbed up the wall surround ding the Palace. As planned the wires were cut and the immediate guards drugged. Rick, who was getting the overall Palace’s camera footage, told me that two more guards were coming. No problem.

I slid down the sewer where the stairs gave me perfect cover. The other guards crossed over me and as they were talking I understood that they had bought the story that the 5 immediate guards had been drinking, why? As we had kept bottles of beer near there sleeping bodies.

I took off the lid of the gutter hole and climbed out after the unsuspecting guards had gone away. I signalled Tom and he cut wire and the lights went off. I threw a flare towards the entry point as so to distract guards and ran towards the wall. Then I changed my gloves with fake cat claws, great for climbing up walls.

The entry point was a balcony to the lady’s study. There I saw two patrolling guards. I threw a fake ruby to the balcony floor. They bent down to pick it up I jumped above them and voila! I was in. There were rooms to go to from the queen’s study. I activated night vision. The door which I wanted to go in was near. I threw the poison darts, which were to be used only in emergencies and they made the guards comatose. I then used a door opener, to open the metal door. Of course it made a lot of noise but as you know other guards were not so close. As soon as I was in I relocated the door and repaired it back.

Then I reached second door that led to the bedroom. No one was there and the secret panel was where I was told it would be. The treasury opened. First I went through the gun trap I just had to throw my ropes to the direct opposite wall. I threw over 40 ropes and made a solid bridge over the pressure plates which were all around. One touch would launch the blasts and kill me.

Next I threw powder and as I suspected there were a lot of laser beams. I just had to give the fingerprints of the drugged guard, and now I copied it down on a plastic wrapper, I did not bring the finger. Then I finally found the jewels and the precious stones. And the crown of Alexander, a great crown too. I took the treasure quickly replacing it with stones.

I ran across the room and jumped down the secret passageway and ran into the study only to be surrounded by guards. They tried to take my bag and shot me when I refused. Red liquid ran down my chest. They hit me and tried to interrogate until finally I tried to fight back, they tried to stab me and succeeded. Then they left me to die. All as we planned.

All this was part of our plan. My mask had fooled their cameras and my bulletproof jacket had kept me alive, and for the record the red liquid was ketchup my jacket had let loose. The treasure was in my equipment bag which I had already thrown down the bedroom window to Sam and the treasure I gave the guards were just some dead batteries from our equipment.

Why had I got caught in the first place? Because I love mocking police and it had thrown little suspicion off us. I jumped out of the window into my truck and we drove off.Heist accomplished.

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Daniel morka

My name is Daniel i think am the youngest in this website i'm here to write story i hope you guys like it

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  • Novel Allen19 days ago

    Wow! keep on writing your own stories.

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