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Making Art As A Spiritual Practice: Serving G-d In The Most Creative Way

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By Talia DevoraPublished 4 months ago 8 min read
A quote I wrote about the spiritual importance of art. This picture was found on Canva.

Since I graduated college in December 2021, I started venturing out different niches based on my educational background in recreation and leisure services. For the last two years, I’ve waffled around, because I had so many passions that it became impossible to pick the one that was the most fascinating for me. I thought of specializing in health and wellness, because of my personal experiences with a binge eating disorder and a dual diagnosis. Besides health and wellness, I also considered specializing in travel and tourism, music, arts and crafts, and gaming. Out of all the five niches I considered, I chose arts and crafts, because it’s what I love doing, teaching, and specializing in. I also have more experience with arts and crafts than I do with all of the other things that I listed. The rest are mainly personal interests of mine.

Although doing arts and crafts is my hobby and niche of my choice, it means so much more than that; it’s my form of spiritual practice. For the last couple of years, I’ve been doing some serious soul searching, so I can move past several traumatic experiences I’ve had before and during the pandemic. It’s never been my cup of tea to sit and recite Torah verses for long periods of time; I’d rather pray by doing art, listening to music, meditating, and writing. G-d gave me one special gift: creativity. If G-d gifted me the natural ability to be creative, why not show Him it? With creativity, He understands everything I’m telling Him. With art, the healing process speeds up, and I’m pleased by that! It’s not only making me feel more spiritual and satisfied, it’s planting me seeds of hope for my future. Nobody can control my destiny except myself!

Now it’s time for all of you to get comfortable and visit my virtual art gallery!

1. Dear Universe, I Love Myself

Photo taken with my iPhone 15 plus, then edited it on Canva.


I completed this cubist drawing in my 11 x 14” sketch pad. First, I drew the hand, shakes, and the self-love symbol with pencil, and then I underlined them using a fine black marker. After underlining my drawing, I coloured everything with pencil crayons.

Since 2023, I’ve slowly began to love myself. Some days, I won’t love myself, but I’ll love myself on most days. This drawing is a powerful reminder of the progress I’ve made!

The heart chakra (anahata) is located at the centre of your chest. It’s one of the most common symbols of self-love.

2. Affirmations

Photo taken with my iPhone 15 plus.


This zentangle drawing was done in my 11 x 14” sketch pad. I drew everything in pencil, and then underlined everything using a fine black marker. I decided to keep this drawing black and white, because I thought it looked best that way.

The body of water I drew represents emotional purification and removal of negativity energy. The lady in the drawing is me. When I drew this, I envisioned myself saying my affirmations to G-d, as I’m ridding myself of all the bad thoughts and energy.

Elohim, in Hebrew, means G-d.

3. Cleansing

Photo taken with my iPhone 15 plus, then edited it on Canva.


This other zentangle drawing was done in my 11 x 14” sketch pad. I drew everything in pencil, underlined everything using a fine black marker, and then coloured the mandala with pencil crayons. I chose to leave the background black and white, because I believed it looked best that way.

The chibi mandala depicts renewal and relief. Post-pandemic life is still a struggle for me, but it’s getting easier and easier to adapt to with time. I was accustomed to living a certain way for the last several years, but with everything calming down and getting back to normal, I’m slowly healing from the emotional trauma I’ve experienced during the pandemic.

4. My Little Sunshine

Photo retrieved from my IG @taliascreations331, then edited it on Canva.


I drew this chibi mandala on a sheet of 9 x 12” piece of white paper. I found an online image of a simple mandala, and then added a chibi face in the middle of the mandala. I drew everything out in pencil, and then I coloured my drawing using pencil crayons.

The mandala in the drawing depicts happiness, calmness, confidence, and self-worth. As I drew this mandala, I was imagining myself sitting in the sunlight, reminding myself of who I truly am and want to be as an individual. For me to be mentally well in the long run, I have to keep telling myself that both my past and my challenges do not define who I am as a woman. If I want to achieve what I want to achieve, I have to believe that I’m more than capable of doing just as much as everyone else, even though it may not always feel that way when I’m depressed or dissatisfied with myself. If I let these two things define who I am, I’ll never be at peace with myself, and I’ll have difficulties doing the things I want to achieve. This is because I’ll begin to believe that I’m not worth it, which will impact my mental and emotional health in a negative way.

5. Admiration

Photo retrieved from my IG account @taliascreations331, then edited it on Canva.


I drew this mandala on a sheet of 9 x 12” piece of white paper. I found an online image of a simple mandala to draw out, added my own designs and symbols, and then coloured everything in using pencil crayon to make my own version of a mandala I found on Pinterest.

This mandala is a representation of self love, a love for life, and the spread 0f positivity. The hearts depict love, the bubbles represent positivity, and the flower represents continuous learning and growth. As I drew this mandala, I was thinking about all the people, places, and things that I absolutely admire, and how thankful I am to have these people and opportunities in my life. I have a tendency to think so negatively about life, that I don't always have time to recall all the positive things I do have in my life. As I'm becoming more committed to caring for my mental health, I'm thinking about more positive things, and actually doing my best to remember them. In truth, I love myself, life, and the people around me, but it's hard to love all these things when I'm feeling dismal.

6. Ofakim (Horizons)

Photo retrieved from my IG account @taliascreations331, then edited it on Canva.


This abstract drawing was done on a 9 x 12” sheet of white paper. I drew everything in pencil, and then underlined it using a black pencil crayon. Afterwards, I coloured everything with pencil crayons.

The drawing is a representation of seeing the bright side of things. The stars represent light, and the coloured bubbles represent positivity. The coloured shapes represent victory, confidence, and courage. The woman in the drawing is me. In this piece of art, I’m basically telling the world that everything will turn out great, and that things always end on a positive note.

Ofakim is not just a Hebrew term for horizons. It’s also a city in southern Israel. It’s situated 20 kilometres west of Beersheba, which is a city in the Negev desert of southern Israel. This drawing is named after the city. To learn more about both Ofakim and Beersheba, please visit the link in the references section down below!

7. Protection

Photo retrieved from my IG account @taliascreations331, then edited it on Canva.


This abstract acrylic painting was done on a 9 x 12” canvas. I painted the background magenta, than I drew everything out using pencil. After drawing everything out, I painted and underlined everything with acrylic paint.

This painting depicts the lifelong protection from evil. The flowers at the corners of the painting represent beauty, the circles represent optimism, the stars represent Judaism, and the hamsa hand is a universal symbol of protection, power, and strength that dates back to ancient Mesopotamia. The hamsa hand is also known as the Hand of Fatima in Islam and the Hand of Miriam in Judaism. The hamsa hand is believed to protect against the evil eye and all the bad energies. As I did this painting, I was revisiting all the traumatic events that I've gone through during my youth, and I was telling G-d which thoughts I'd like to rid myself of, so I can move on with my life.

As you can see at the bottom of the painting, I wrote the Yiddish term "shtarkeyt", which means "strength". I wrote this Yiddish word using the Aleph Bet, the Hebrew alphabet. Just like languages such as Arabic, Persian, and Hebrew, Yiddish is read from right to left.

8. Rainbow Planet

Photo retrieved from my IG account @taliascreations331, and then edited it on Canva.


This abstract acrylic painting was done on a 9 x 12” canvas board. I painted the background in all the traditional colours of the rainbow, and then used a Q-tip to create colourful dots.

This painting is a representation of all the seven chakras, the spiritual energy levels located inside the centre of the body. The seven chakras are: crown chakra (sahasrara), third eye chakra (ajna), throat chakra (vissudha), heart chakra (anahata), solar plexus chakra (manipura), sacral chakra (svadhistana), and root chakra (maladhara). As I continue to leisurely and gradually study and apply my chakra knowledge to my daily life, I can refer to this painting as a powerful reminder of what I’ve learned, and what I want to get out of learning about the seven chakras. The background is a depiction of what I’m desperate for internally, and the dots are a depiction of what I actually want to manifest in the future. Once all of my chakras are balanced, I’ll be a spiritually transformed individual with tons of hope for the future.

Quote retrieved from Post created using Canva.

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Quote retrieved from Post created using Canva.


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  • Daphsam3 months ago

    Wonderful creative journey!

  • Stella Yan PhD4 months ago

    I like your creative spirit and art style. Wonderful job, Talia.

  • Tiffany Gordon 4 months ago

    gorgeous work Talia! Your artwork is stunning as well as your wisdom! Great job! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • Mariann Carroll4 months ago

    This is a beautiful piece 🥰

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