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Indian Culture

Most beautiful culture in the world.

By Radhika BiradarpatilPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Indian Culture
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"BHARATH", Indian culture is the oldest and famous among the other cultures of the world. India is filled with full of culture and traditions. That has become our identity. Be it in religion, arts, customs, lifestyles, background, and habits that characterize humankind. these all cultures made our nation wealthy and colorful. Indian culture is very different as compared to other nations. And there are no restrictions to celebrate their culture. India is country that sees "Unity in Diversity". India's national language is Hindi. India is filled with different languages.

In India the language, culture, dressing style and festivals varies from state to state. Every religion has their own Holy Book and disciples. Like Hindus obeys Bhagavad Gita, Muslims obeys Quran, Christians obeys Bible, Sikhs obeys Guru Granth Sahib. India does not discriminate on anything like color, religion, rich and poor etc. People from the past generation pass their beliefs and cultures to the new generation thus every child that performs well with others has already learned about their culture from grandparents and parents.

India Celebrates so many festivals those are Diwali, Holi, Onuma, Ugadi, Dussehra, Christmas, Ramzan. Also, People believes in God. They still throng Gurudwaras, Temples, Churches and Mosques. By celebrating Maha Shivaratri, Ganesh Chaturthi people keep faith in God. Diwali is arguably the biggest festival in India and is known as the home coming of Lord Rama after a fourteen-year exile.

The five days of the festival refers different legends such as Lord Krishna killing the demon Narakasur, so that day is celebrate as a Naraka Chaturdashi. Every festival has great legends or stories behind them. People of all communities celebrate these favorable days. Festivals bring happiness and unity among families and communities.

In India we can see culture in everywhere like Music, Dance, Fashion and Foods etc. India is a land of culture and art, a land of rich outcome, a land of devotion. Dance is considered as the most attractive form of performing arts that has been cheer from centuries in India. Dance forms are like Bharatanatyam, kathak, Odissi, Manipuri, Yaksha Gana. The Classical dance forms take the themes from the mythology the costumes and make-up used in the classical dances perfectly reflects the culture heritage of that particular reason.

Dance is an earliest and performed cultural tradition in India folk Dances grow all around the country, and huge bunch of people can be found dancing at festivals dance and song features gracelessly in Indian movies.

One of the traditions in Indian culture is to have bath before going a temple or at least wash your hands and feet to cleanse yourself of opposing thoughts and bad influences. proper attire is very important, namely conservative clothing to indicate respect.

Coming to Indian cloths, Indian clothing is considered to be the type of simplicity and every style is very different in each reason and state. But the two pieces of clothing that represent Indian culture are dhoti and kurta for men and saree for women. Women beautify themselves with lot of bangles and Payal that goes around their ankles. Kadhi is the oldest cloth style of Indian culture.

Recently Ram Mandir was built in India. Ayodhya, believed to be ram's place of origine, holds deep religious remarkable for millions of Hindus. This temple is a Token of calm and belief for Hindu's, it was a dream for millions of Hindus. This temple is known for their complex model, desiring and ancient representation. These temples are open to the public and visitors who come to Honour and make offerings.

Overall, India has its own unique culture as compared to other nations, which remains as a remarkable country with great cultural inheritance.


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  • Soundarya Adaragi 2 months ago

    Amazing. you really explained it very well. very happy to be an INDIAN

  • Sushmita Kokatanur2 months ago

    Wow! Nice content. Your creativity is an amazing. I am proud to be an Indian.

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