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Exploring the Charms of Lido di Jesolo Italy's Coastal Gem

Lido di Jesolo

By firdous skPublished 30 days ago 3 min read

Visitors will find an almost 15 km long sandy beach and a promenade with many restaurants bars and shops. The bustling resort, which is the largest in the entire Veneto region, is nicknamed the Miami of Italy.

A Beach Lover's

Originally, this settlement was located on an island at the mouth of the Piave River, but in the 15th century the area was drained and the settlement could continue to expand towards the mainland. For eleven centuries, the Venetian doges ruled here, Thanks to which the city gained prestige. Today, Lido di Jesolo is a lively seaside resort where something is always happening.t offers 15 kilometers of beaches with a width of 50 to 100 meters to its visitors, of whom around 600,000 come here every year. It is famous for its quality and cleanliness, so it has long been proud of the prestigious Blue Flag, an award given by the Foundation for Environmental Education. The small town of Jesolo originated from the Roman Settlement of Equilium, from whose name it was transformed into its current name through corruption.

Famous for its night life

It is famous for its night life, disco and exuberant entertainment. Lido di Jesolo It is also an ideal base for exploring the surroundings. Few people can resist boat trips, exploring the islands in the lagoon, and lovers of good Italian food And wine will also enjoy themselves here.

You see Animals alos

You won't see animals everywhere but there are a lot of them and people feel good. We've been there at the end of autumn in Romania and it was still warm and beautiful there and you could have a bath in the resort in the evening, the boulevard closes to road traffic and becomes a kind of promenade. It is full of restaurants, stalls, terraces, music, bars, this was our post with sun and sea from Venice so somehow we ticked off the second item on the list and we're on our way to our next destination.

We stayed there for a few nights

It takes an hour and a quarter by bus. We stayed there for a few nights where we enjoyed the beach and the sea. the beach is very long for accommodation you can find all kinds of options you can find few luxurious hotels, few modest hotels we chose a slightly older hotel but which was right on the beach This is our hotel, Hotel Silva, with a restaurant by the sea these are the prices at the beach A small problem with Italians is that between lunchtime between 2-3pm and until 6pm they don't open the restaurants.

We were lucky that where we stayed the restaurant was open all day. The beach is very quiet, very well organized, unexpectedly well organized everything is in line, everything is controlled automatically the umbrellas open automatically, and umbrellas close automatically, so you don't come and sit where you want and move the sunbed where you want, all the sunbeds are arranged, fixed in the ground and you do not move them. if you look from the edge of the beach to the water, they are mounted, and then is a free portion of the beach and you can sit there with a towel.


With its blend of natural beauty, cultural heritage, and recreational activities, Lido di Jesolo epitomizes the allure of the Venetian coast. Whether seeking relaxation on sun-drenched beaches, immersing oneself in history and culture, or embarking on outdoor adventures, this charming resort town offers something for every traveler. Come and discover the timeless charm of Lido di Jesolo.


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