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Divine Therapy

From House Arrest to Heavenly Consultations

By Azadeh AfsharianPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

Last week, I got sick and was sentenced to house arrest for the entire week. The first two days were not too bad; I was fighting to stay alive, so I had something to do. But as I gradually got better, I started experiencing psychological issues and suffered from boredom. I tried to sit and read the book named 'Eleven Minutes' by Paulo Coelho, but I couldn't even start because my hip probably had changed to a round shape, so obviously when I sat, I fell to the side.

I decided to listen to audio book, of course, in my language, I was feeling under the weather and couldn't bear the thought of deciphering English with a fever. Later, I'll have enough time to torture myself and improve my English skills.

I played the story with the unusual name 'RA.' I didn't know what it meant; I just listened. Wow, that was an amazing story about a God who doesn't know he is God.

I liked the idea and started to think about God. The result was not satisfying.

I find that there are two different stark contrast happening in the world between the beauty and the beastly. On one side, there are beautiful things like: the sense of love, flowers, kindness, sincerity, generosity, empathy, lifesaving, selflessness... And on the other side, there are something like: indifference, war, murder, forest fires, betrayal, destruction, abandonment, deception, greed, violence, exploitation, oppression, earthquakes, floods, storms, whale suicides...

Of course, something must be wrong. I personally believe that if there's a God, he must have psychological problems like bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

With this resume, he cannot even find a job. He truly needs to visit a psychologist.

And as you know, he made seven sky’s, different levels of hell and heaven, but he forgot about clinics.

Thus, I have decided to learn psychology and help God, but until that time comes, when I will master and die and visit God and help him; I will temporarily change my God and, just temporarily, I will be a cat worshipper.

They are cute, lovely, kind, soft, furry, funny and so on, and yes, occasionally they make scratch and bite, but no worries, the previous God did some things worse than these. I will have a group therapy for other troubled deities. Picture this: all the gods and goddesses gathering, sharing their problems, and seeking comfort from one another.

Zeus, struggling with his temper and causing thunderstorms for the slightest reasons. Aphrodite might talk about her struggles with vanity, while Loki entertains everyone with stories of his mischievous pranks gone wrong. And poor Ra, the sun god, might be feeling lost and questioning his purpose in the universe. Poseidon, the god of the sea, finds himself torn between his duties and his desires. While he is tasked with maintaining balance in the oceans and protecting marine life, Poseidon's heart longs for the freedom to explore the land and have hiking boots and pursue his own interests. However, the weight of his responsibilities weighs heavily on him, leaving him feeling trapped and conflicted. Poseidon struggles to reconcile his divine obligations with his yearning for personal fulfillment, leading to inner turmoil and uncertainty about his place in the divine hierarchy.

After three days, my health returned to normal. Although I struggled with answering my phone calls every 30 minutes from different local colleges, which asked me to transfer money for registration and officially become their psychology student. Additionally, the home door was constantly knocked by the cats of my neighbors, asking for pray for them and receive tithings.


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  • MohammadSaeed Afsharian2 months ago

    It’s wonderful! 🤍

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