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Will 4g phones be outdated with the launch of 5g?

by sidharth kumar 5 months ago in mobile

With the launch of 5g the 4g phones will not be outdated suddenly as it will take time for every to use 5g and stop using the 4g. Yes, it will be outdated but not suddenly, in some years 4g will be vanished and everybody will be using 5g smartphone.

The arrival of 5g network the next generation of cellular network means that not only more devices will be connected to the internet but also in a device that are connected better with higher data transmission speeds. Lower latency and lower power requirements. With all these speeds and connectivity, I will provide more efficient and more profitable business solutions.

Power of 4g

The 4g network is the great successor to the 3g network. The 4g has entirely change the internet world and can be easily accessed by everyone as it the cellular network operator has made it very affordable. The response has also got quicker in this network.

As the technology is running very fast the application in the smartphones need a very high-speed net which the 3g network could not provide it. But with the 4g network the smart phone could get enough speed to run smoothly without any lag.

What is the life span of a network generation?

In every decade, a new generation of cellular technology comes and the existing one gets vanished and no one uses it after the new generation technology is easily available in the market. Let us see what the various generations of the cellular network are.

• 1g the analog telecommunications generation the first cellular network which was introduced in 1979 and lasts up to 1991.

• Then the 2g network the text messaging generation the second cellular network which came in 1991 and lasts up to 1998 till the 3g came into market.

• 3g the mobile and wireless internet connection generation which came in 1998 and was the main feature of a smartphone where the 3g network was most used. And lasts up to 2008 as the smartphone upgraded and requires a more speed network .

• 4g cloud, IP and truly mobile broadband generation that gave the speed to the smartphones they need it was very fast from its previous generation and the response also got quicker. It was introduced in 2008 and is still the most used network as 5g has not overcome 4g and is also not easily available to everyone .

• The 5g is the latest generation and the generation of unlimited data capacity. It is 100 times faster than its previous generation and it is still to be launch in many countries of the world. In India 5g will be launched in the mid of 2021.

As you can see every network generation lasts for approximately a decade and then their successor was launched. The 5g is the latest to the cellular network and let us see for how long it lasts.

What is the major upgradation in 5g network?

5g is just more than a simple network update. 5g connectivity is very faster and wider than the 4g network which shows that it a huge technology advancement in the cellular network. Some major changes are: -

• The speed has been immensely fast compared to the 4g speed.

• 5g has a very low latency almost negligible network.

• More devices can be connected.

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sidharth kumar
sidharth kumar
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