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Why use Point Cloud Modeling services on Renovation projects?

Innovative Point Cloud to 3D Model Technique

By Cresire ConsultingPublished about a year ago 6 min read
Point cloud modeling

One of the best tools to use on remodeling projects is point cloud modeling services. Construction design development is a meticulously organized process, and renovation projects frequently need extra care in design development. Intricate architectural, structural, and MEP features of a structure are represented by point cloud scans, which help redesign and 3D modeling. Leica, Faro, and other cutting-edge equipment are used to collect point cloud data.

Many construction industry professionals consult with laser scanning specialists to scan the built asset. Construction and design consulting firms that work on reconstruction and rehabilitation projects frequently employ point cloud to 3d model services.

Although businesses frequently have point cloud modeling skills in-house, they frequently employ laser scanning specialists and point cloud to BIM model consulting firms to meet their project demands. The point clouds are available in several formats, such as e57, RCS, and RCP.

The applications, software, methodology, and benefits of contracting out point cloud modeling work to outside experts are covered in this article.

Process of point cloud modeling services

Point cloud to 3d model

Step 1- Creating point clouds by laser scanning a building asset

Laser scanning is the first and most important stage in the Point Cloud to 3d modeling process. Some companies may or may not have point cloud capabilities. Professionals and construction companies will typically employ a drone pilot with knowledge of laser scanning, though. These point clouds are finely detailed pictures that reveal the internal and external architectural; and structural details of a building.

Step 2- Putting together and processing data from point clouds

Point clouds that offer a detailed perspective of a building's structural elements are typically gathered from many locations. These point clouds are blended into one mesh using a program like Recap Pro. This mesh can be imported into the Revit 3D modeling software.

Step 3- Utilising point cloud data to produce 3D Revit models

Programs like Revit and AutoCAD can import point cloud data. Both programs offer a fantastic user interface and capabilities for customizing the design to adhere to technical and architectural requirements. This point cloud to 3D modeling makes it simpler to make decisions on renovation projects.

Step 4) Saving point cloud to 3d models in suitable formats

Software such as Revit allows exporting of 3d models in multiple formats including; RVT, IFC, SAT, DWG, etc. These formats are used in different software such as Solidworks. External stakeholders might be using software other than Revit. Saving 3d models in required formats promotes easy collaboration.

Which software to use for Point cloud modeling services?

The point cloud to BIM model procedure is successfully deployed using contemporary tools and methods. The final 3d point clouds resemble an x-ray of a created asset and vividly display the structural, MEP, and architectural components. These 3D point clouds can be imported into numerous software programs. to redesign and model the design elements.

For architectural, structural, and MEP design, typical software for point cloud modeling services are AutoCAD, Revit, and Recap Pro.

Advantages of using Point cloud modeling services on Construction & Renovation Projects

The management of renovation projects as a whole can gain a lot from BIM point cloud modeling services. Construction managers, architects, civil engineers, MEP engineers, and other project stakeholders frequently demand and employ point cloud modeling. These experts from the building sector analyze the current design and produce a new one by converting the point cloud data into an editable piece of 2d design or 3d BIM models.

Point cloud modeling coordination

The following examples highlight the importance of employing point cloud to 3d model services on construction projects:

1- Bringing design certainty to renovation projects

Renovations at a former construction site can be challenging. In addition to capturing the building's structural engineering and architectural details, point clouds with Bim models enable the creation of customizable 3d models. These 3d models are used for redesigning purposes.

2- Effective coordination and collaboration

Using BIM point cloud modeling, project stakeholders can control the design and conduct reviews in a 3D virtual environment. To make wise project decisions, the project manager, BIM team, engineers, and architect work together in a common environment.

3- Better Cost Forecasts of renovation projects

Using point cloud to 3d model services to integrate cost up to date cost information into the 3d models. Hence, extracting precise BOQ for a renovation project

Also, avoid additional fees for hiring an architect or a surveyor to assess an old property and prepare designs. Point cloud scans are quite powerful for developing 3d models.

Why outsource Point Cloud Modeling services to a third-party consultant?

It is suggested to contract with a reputable service provider for Point cloud modeling if you lack the required internal resources. The point cloud to Bim process requires complex programming and engineering skills. Learning these software abilities requires a lot of time and money for licensing.

The following section covers the primary advantages of outsourcing point cloud modeling services.

1- Saving costs and time for hiring and training resources with point cloud to 3d modeling skills.

2- Leveraging the competitive pricing offered by the bim outsourcing companies. Many of these point cloud modeling consultants, such as CRESIRE, are based in India. Offering quality and cost-driven point cloud to 3d model services

3- Reducing pressure on internal resources. Employees can focus on their prime responsibilities and hence use their time to improve their preferred skills


Point cloud modeling is one of the most cutting-edge techniques used in the construction design process. Even though the point cloud to 3d model has several uses, it is most frequently utilized in construction projects like rebuilding and remodeling.

The construction industry can now get point clouds of excellent quality thanks to several laser point scanners, including the Faro and Lecia. By importing these point clouds into programs like Revit and AutoCAD, models and designs that can be customized for efficient decision-making can be created.

Advanced engineering and programming skills are needed for the point cloud to 3D model conversion procedure. If you use point cloud modeling regularly, it is advisable to establish an internal team for Bim. In other situations, it is recommended to seek advice from a professional or contract with a third party to provide point cloud modeling services.

Outsourcing point cloud modeling services has several advantages. This includes competitive production costs and reducing resource pressure on their in-house experts.

Architectural, engineering, and construction firms in a variety of industries, such as commercial, hospitality, healthcare, plant, and industrial, can take advantage of Cresire's point cloud modeling capabilities. We produce customizable 3D and BIM models using scanned or point cloud data in a variety of file formats.

Our other services include; 4D scheduling, 5d cost- estimation, 6D lifecycle management, and 3d visualization services.

For a free quote, send us an email at [email protected] if you need help with point cloud modeling services.

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