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Why Should You Join Uhive?

Are you looking for a new social media platform to join? Do you want to be a part of a community that prioritizes user privacy, freedom of expression, and creative expression? Look no further than Uhive.

By MrKarthikKNPublished 7 months ago 4 min read

Are you looking for a new social media platform to join? Do you want to be a part of a community that prioritizes user privacy, freedom of expression, and creative expression? Look no further than Uhive.

Uhive is a revolutionary new social media platform that is taking the industry by storm. With over 1 million registered users and growing, Uhive is quickly becoming the go-to platform for people who want a more personalized, interactive, and engaging social media experience.

What Makes Uhive Different?

At Uhive, we believe that social media should be more than just a platform for sharing photos and status updates. We believe that social media should be a place where people can connect with like-minded individuals, express themselves freely, and explore their interests and passions without fear of judgment or censorship.

One of the ways we achieve this is through our unique two-tiered system of spaces. Uhive spaces are virtual areas where users can explore and discover new content and connect with others who share their interests. Each space has its own set of rules, moderators, and members, giving users the freedom to explore and create content without the fear of being silenced or censored.

Another way we prioritize user privacy and creative expression is through our advanced privacy settings. Uhive users can choose to create public or private profiles, control who sees their posts and content, and even earn cryptocurrency through engagement and content creation.

Why Should You Join Uhive?

If you are tired of the same old social media platforms and want to join a community that prioritizes user privacy, creative expression, and freedom of speech, then Uhive is the platform for you. With our unique two-tiered system of spaces and advanced privacy settings, you can explore your interests and passions without fear of judgment or censorship.

Join over 1 million registered users on Uhive today and discover a new way to connect with the world around you. Sign up now and start exploring the limitless possibilities of social media.

1. Concept

It's a new social platform with exciting features allowing you to explore spaces more intuitively and to visually identify trendy topics, communities and businesses organically. Uhive eliminates the rival's traditional search and discovery methods through keywords and hashtags. The concept was derived by combining human psychology and users' cognitive mapping along with blockchain technology.

2. Liberating User Experience

Uhive platform provides a dual world and a unique experience. 'The Civilized World' a traditional concept which connects you to friends, family and businesses.

'Free World' the unique concept which offers you an uncharted and uncontrolled space which remains completely anonymous by identity and location. A world that allows you to experience something completely new, go wild and express yourself freely!

3. Adds a New Digital Asset and Marketing Dimension to the Digital Advertising World (Value of Space)

Users engagement level and time spent on the app along with other factors make the users space more visible and attractive to other users using visual representation. This creates new marketing dimensions which create value for high traffic and famous spaces; Adjacent spaces will be affected as well. Meaning, that engagement levels give intrinsic value to spaces.

4. VR Ready

Taking social networking to the next stage, the Uhive platform design took into consideration the Virtual Reality community, as it was designed from scratch to support Virtual Reality gear.

5. Reduces Friction in Audience Growth for Influencer Marketing and Businesses

Spaces for influencers and businesses are spotted organically by users via visual aids including, size, scale and colours. This generates a cost-effective and organic audience growth for spaces eliminating the requirement to invest thoroughly in paid advertising.

6. 6 Billion+ Target Market

With an increasingly active population and a gain in traction on Mobile social networks (forecasted to surpass 6.2 billion users within a year), and with the integration of advanced mobile processors across devices, a growing potential has contributed to Uhive's development of advanced social network platforms.

7. Self-Sustained Economy

Uhive was created to be completely self-sustained, governed by supply and demand. The growth of the organic revenue stream is directly proportional to the increase in user subscriptions. Consequently, the Uhive Token value increases, the more active users, the greater the value.

8. Team

Backed up by a creative group with diversified skills and years of experience in AI, Big Data and Platform Architectures with imprinted global success stories.

Nobody can afford to miss out on this one of kind opportunity!

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