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Why Olly, the Robot Home Assistant, Will Be Amazing For People With Depression and Anxiety

Can a robot home assistant give people with depression and anxiety relief?

By Ossiana TepfenhartPublished 7 years ago 5 min read
Top Story - December 2017
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It seems like something out of a sci-fi movie: a robot home assistant that can soothe you into a more mellow mood. However, this isn't a promo for a new science fiction movie; it's real life.

Emotech, a team of the world's leading AI experts, came together to create Olly: a robot home assistant that literally gets to know you and then develops a personality that evolves to suit your needs. As you can imagine, it's quickly becoming one of the most talked-about inventions in recent years.

Olly expresses itself in a number of different ways—through sound, movement, and even color. It also picks up on your own facial expressions using cutting-edge technology, and can start a conversation with you based on what you may be feeling.

In other words, Olly is the world's first personal robot assistant that has the tools needed to develop emotional intelligence. So, can an emotionally intelligent robot help out those who suffer from depression and anxiety? Quite possibly, and here's why it may be one of the best inventions of the decade.

Unlike regular phone apps, Olly detects when you're happy or sad.

There are many phone apps that are designed to curb depression, anxiety, and PTSD. However, they all have one major weakness—they can't tell when someone is upset. In order for those apps to work, the person who's feeling bad has to actually reach out for the help they can offer.

Olly, on the other hand, can tell when you're happy or sad. As a result of this feature, it will react accordingly and even strike up a conversation based on it.

Olly learns what upsets you and makes you feel better.

Olly is not the impartial kind of robotic personal assistant that Alexa is. Rather, Olly molds itself to your particular personality and learns about your unique habits, routines, and likes. As such, it's as easy-going a robot as can be—it's basically designed to be your friend.

People who are feeling very lonely, or people who need a companion but tend to be too shy to go outside will find Olly to be the confidence-boosting buddy they need. It's a robot home assistant that doubles as a confidante thanks to its speech technology, and that makes it a great tool for people who need help managing their anxiety.

Olly also benefits those with anxiety and depression by giving you updates and reminders to go to treatment.

Many people who have anxiety or depression have a hard time remembering things, even when it deals with getting treatment. If you tell Olly to remind you to go to the psychologist appointment you have on Tuesday, Olly will do that for you.

Much like Amazon Alexa or other similar AI devices for smart homes, you can also get Olly to call your doctor to book an appointment. This is a robot that doubles as a smart home hub, and can link up to smart devices as a result of its intelligence.

If you need a personal trainer, Olly can help you get into shape.

Along with being able to call your doctor, chat with you, or remind you when you need to head to appointments, Olly also has another awesome perk: personal training!

If you ask Olly to do so, your own robot home assistant will turn into a personal trainer who will help get you working out and reaching your fitness goals. This home companion can even tell you what exercises to do to help burn calories!

The reason why this can help people suffering from anxiety and depression is because exercise has been proven to improve a person's emotional state. So, if you're the type to burn away anxiety with exercise, Olly will be your new best buddy.

Olly's technology also helps entertain by playing music when they feel you might need it.

Music makes many anxiety sufferers feel more relaxed, and has also been linked to better outcomes for people with depression. Olly proactively can figure out when you might want music playing, and will then create a playlist that'll help lift your spirits.

Of course, if you're not in the mood for toe-tappin' tunes, you can also tell Olly to stop with the music. Olly will then cease music, and let you mellow out in peace.

Olly's reminders and email hookups are also excellent for people who have work-related anxiety.

Worried about keeping track of everything or getting written up at work? Olly works as a personal assistant that can keep track of all your work apps, including your email, Facebook, Twitter account, and much, much more.

Simply put, if you're ever anxious about forgetting anything or need to get information on the fly, ask your home robot to give you the scoop. Olly's excellent for keeping tabs on things that may otherwise worry you.

Because Olly is great at figuring out the intentions behind your movements, it also can figure out when you just need quiet.

For people who have anxiety, nothing is quite as bad as wanting quiet, but not getting it. Olly's intention recognition technology means that you will never have to worry about getting constant remarks from your home robot companion while you're in the middle of a meditation session or up to your eyeballs in work.

Sure, Olly is proactive, but it's a robot that knows when enough is enough. Moreover, it's only proactive if you ask it to be proactive—you can toggle Olly's level of interaction to suit your needs.

Smart home capabilities also mean that Olly can help you keep your home security.

People who have experienced a break-in can tell you that it's a traumatic experience. Those who have lasting anxiety because of break-ins will tell you that smart home technology can help put their mind at ease—and yes, Olly can help you manage your smart home tech.

Because Olly has special recognition technology mixed in with smart home AI, all your smart locks and security devices can be managed from it, without the issue of having false alarms from family members walking around your home.

Of course, Olly can also help soothe you by toning down lights and keeping your home feeling cozy.

Smart home technology can help you add more coziness to your home's mood, just with a simple command. If Olly senses that you may need to wind down after a hard day, or if you command Olly to do so, Olly will use the smart home tech you have to make a more comfortable, cozy home for yourself.

However, Olly's true strength comes in the fact that it's a robot that continues to learn day after day.

No other robot home assistant has as much personality or functionality as Olly. However, that doesn't mean that Olly's resting on its laurels. Every day, Olly will learn more functions and continue to provide awesome companionship and help.

So, who's to say that Olly won't end up helping depression and anxiety sufferers in even more ways than it can today? The sky's the limit with Olly, and that makes this adorable robot an excellent investment no matter who you are.

Pre-order Olly today!

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