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Why Microsoft Allow Cracked Software?

by Rushi Patel 8 months ago in fact or fiction

Why Microsoft does not stop piracy because it causes lot of loss, so in this post we will know why Microsoft does not stop piracy.

You must have often wondered why Microsoft does not stop piracy? Microsoft can stop piracy in a minute if it wants.

If people use cracked Windows operating system then how much will Microsoft lose but still Microsoft company does not stop piracy.

There are many reasons why Microsoft does not stop piracy.

According to a report, 80-90 percent of people in countries like India, China, and indonasia use pirated Windows, and Microsoft is aware that so many people use pirated Windows.

Let's talk about why Microsoft does not stop piracy.

Since childhood, you have seen or learned computers, you must have seen the operating system of Windows only because Microsoft has created an operating system that has changed the world of computers.

When people use these windows since childhood, then everyone starts getting addicted to it and people prefer Windows more and Windows is very easy to learn and run. When children grow up, those people go to different jobs, then they demand Windows and that company has the operating system of Windows itself. Because even those in the company know that people use Windows more and children use it even in school.

So children start liking it and the companies and schools that have operating systems are not cracks but take the license of the company's windows for it because Microsoft does not allow any company to use cracks operating system, then such Microsoft It makes a profit from here.

There are many games, yet more are made for Windows only because Windows is very famous operating system.

Such Microsoft allows the public to use pirated Windows, people become crazy about it. Such windows are also marketed for free. In this way, Microsoft has created a lot of userbases.

You must have heard that the world listens only to those who have people.

Such Windows has made an ecosystam that anyone who is a child or a young person uses Windows, and in this way its userbase has increased.

Such a brand of Windows has become iquaty that if someone takes the name of the operating system, then it should be Windows. The brand iquaty means that if you take the name of chicken, then the name of KFC comes and if the name of Biskuit comes in our mind then parle g comes to our mind, then such Microsoft made the brand iquaty.

Countries like India are now developing in computers and India is a very big market for Microsoft.

As people have come to know the pitfalls of pirated windows, they have started using the original Windows. In countries like America and Canada, all people have to take the license of Windows.

So you must know why Microsoft does not stop piracy.

If Microsoft stops piracy, then those who are poor and who do not have the money to buy the license of the operating system of Windows, will stop using Windows and will instead use another free operating system such as Linux.

Linux operating systems are free and its security is also very good, but not many games are launched for Linux. Apple's operating systems also come but they are more expensive.

Microsoft does not want any of its other OSs to move forward.

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Rushi Patel
Rushi Patel
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