Why do We Have A 10-Digit Mobile Number?

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Ever wondered why we have 10-Digit mobile numbers and not 9-digit or 8-digit! In the initial stages, telecom industries always used to provide us with numbers starting with 9. If you still have a 7 to 8-year-old Mobile number, there are high chances it must be starting from 9.

Why do We Have A 10-Digit Mobile Number?
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With the passing time, we are witnessing that numbers are now also starting with 8, 7, and 6. But the 10-digit number has been a constant. Well, in this article we have tried to reveal the truth that is the exact reason numbers have 10-digits.

Why do We Have a 10-digit Mobile Number?

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The first and foremost thing that anybody needs to know is the fact that the total number of digits of a mobile depends mainly on how many people live in that particular country. Laws are often made based on the number of population in a country. The current estimated population of India is 135 crore.

The number of digits of a phone number decides the maximum number of mobile phones we can have without dialing country code, which is 91 for India. In case if we had a 9-digit mobile number, the maximum number of cell numbers would have been 109, which is a maximum of 1000 million or 100 crore subscribers. Since our population is advancing towards 150 crores, we cannot afford to have 9-digit mobile numbers.

The population of India has already crossed the mark of 1 billion, so there is no chance of making mobile numbers less than 10 digits. It has been assumed that every citizen of the country possesses a mobile phone—one of the primary reasons why India settled for a 10-digit mobile number.

Therefore, by keeping 10-digit numbers, we can get a total combination of 1,000 crore unique numbers. Got the idea behind it? Or are you still confused! It is essential to understand the permutation and combination for making 10-digit Mobile numbers.

Let's try to understand more simply


Suppose for a moment that you have 3 pairs of Pants and 4 Shirts. What is the total number of combinations that you shall get able to wear? 12 combinations right. In the same way from 10 digit cell numbers, we have 10 billion combinations which amount to 1000 crore subscribers.

As per the use of Smartphones is rising, every customer has started using 2-sim cards, the authorities of the telecom industry, as well as the Government, got a little tense. Love, the authorities made it mandatory to make M2M mobile numbers which in no case shall be used by humans.

Is there any need to worry about 13-digit numbers?

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Certainly not as per Times of India reports. You must have encountered a situation where you have got a call from a 13- digit number where you listen to a pre-recorded voice. These numbers are used in different devices such as swipe machines, cars, electricity meters, and several other fields

Do all countries have 10-digit mobile numbers?

The answer is no. I have already mentioned above that the total digit depends on the number of the population of a country. Following this rule, Some countries have a 6-digit number like Niue, including the country code, because the reason is it is more than enough for them. Countries like China are already up to 12-digit mobile numbers because of the rising population in their country.

In the world due to technical and user base reasons the mobile numbers at present varied from 10 to 11 digits. Due to technical reasons two countries, UK and China moved to 11 digits in mobile phone numbers. In India all mobile numbers have 10 digits under the government's National Numbering Plan (NNP).

The number of digits in a mobile phone number describe the maximum mobile phones we can have without dialling the country code, that is 91 (for India). If we had a 9 – digit cell number, the maximum number of cell numbers possible would have been 109, ie. a maximum of 1000 million or 100 crore subscribers. Since our population is close to 125 crore, obviously we cannot have a 9- digit cell phone number. Adopting a 10– digits cell number offers a capacity to have 10 billion or 1000 crore subscribers and the total population would get at least one mobile number each.

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