What Your Favourite Piece of Tech Says About You

We all have our favourite go to piece of tech,so what does you favourite piece of technology say about you as a person?

What Your Favourite Piece of Tech Says About You

Sun Bed

You’re probably not that technology-led. Above and beyond anything else is looking good, which is why you can normally be found under the UV rays. You’re probably not a good listener either, as sun beds do have major health risks associated with them, but you’re willing to take your chances for the ‘gram (that’s Instagram if you don’t speak the lingo). You’re also the sort of person who enjoys holidaying in an all-inclusive resort abroad, doing nothing by soaking up the sun so you come back with a tan that is totally natural this time. So if you did want to jet set off to warmer climes then you could probably do with the help of Parking at Airports. They have all the best deals on airport car parking, so if you need to drive to the airport and leave your car there for the duration of the holiday, then they can find you a space that can save you money.

Smart Watch

You had a normal watch before, but now that you’ve upgraded you don’t know how you ever managed before. The device does everything, so is a bit like you, in the sense that you’re always darting off doing other things, and you have a diverse range of interests and talents too. However, you sometimes feel inadequate compared to the people who are very good at one skill but not others. You should be thankful that you’re multi-faceted and should ignore anyone calling you a ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’.

PlayStation 4 / Xbox One

Extroverted funster. You like to think you’re the life and soul of the party and sometimes you probably are, but other times you can be the loud annoying one who’s had too much to drink early on. You can be diverse in the way you present yourself, but at the end of the day, whatever you wear you’re still probably going to look fairly mainstream. Nothing, however, is more important to you than your friends. Saturdays are your favourite day of the week, when you can get everyone over and have a big old FIFA sesh, necking down bottles of WKD. Living the high life.

Nintendo Switch

A bit like the PlayStation and Xbox players but the complete opposite. You’re the one who reluctantly turns up to parties and is the quietest one in the room. You might get bored and whip out your phone, but it’s not to bluetooth the latest bangers nor is it to take some photos for Insta, but to play Pokemon Go. Imagine being in the middle of an awkward conversation, you have the ultimate get out clause: “Oh look, a Zubat has been spotted in the other room, time for me to leave and hunt it down.” You’re an obsessive of all the Nintendo owned characters, so you would probably be interested in this review of Luigi’s Mansion 3.

MacBook Pro

You can’t go anywhere without your laptop. At home, at the coffee shop and at work too, you never want to be parted with your machine. You probably have quite an addictive personality, as you get withdrawal symptoms from being away from your laptop too much. And when you do have it in your possession when you have free time, you don’t use it effectively. You normally just endlessly scroll through your social media feeds or do a bit of browsing at online shops.

HTML5 Code

You’re a super nerd. You prefer software over hardware, and will take an evening of coding over drinks out with friends any day of the week. You love your computers and also you love making things from scratch, such as super-functional and super-stylish websites. You’re always one to keep up on trends, albeit the digital variety, and you’re always someone who will look to see if they can do something digitally first before seeing whether it’s possible to do it in the flesh. For that, see banking, shopping, socialising and paying bills.

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