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What You Need to Consider to Become an iOS Developer?

Points to Remember to Start Journey as an iOS Developer

By Dilshad DuraniPublished 6 months ago 3 min read

The world is going gaga over mobile applications. Therefore, the latest software development industry trends are growing around developing mobile applications according to customer requirements. Consequently, it has become essential for businesses to own their mobile applications to serve more customers and grow over the extents. With the increasing competition in the market, developers are willing to turn their heads towards iOS development as it is one of the leading technologies.

Having Apple-supported devices run on iOS, there indeed is less competition persisting in application development as developing an iOS application is not as easy as it seems. Requiring expertise in the development and costly development tools, iOS technology is not everybody's cup of tea. However, if you have it in you, you can rock at developing iOS applications and earn an industry expert's place by practicing more.

Why iOS?

There is a myth around iOS development that it is much more difficult to learn. However, it is partially true, but as they say, "Practice makes a man perfect." Same for iOS development, continuously learning and practicing the hard way helps develop expertise with time and leads you to become a successful developer. However, if you are just starting with development, here is the guide for you to follow to ensure you are following the right path to becoming an expert iOS developer.

Golden Steps Towards Success

Here is the ladder to climb to reach the position in the industry you have always dreamt of. Following each step mentioned here can lead your way to the destination and help you land your first job in the industry.

Step 1: Start With Basic Programming

To become the successful developer of the future, it is required that you start practicing today. If you are a total newbie to programming and the IT industry is new to you, I would recommend developing a basic understanding of programming and logic to create it.

Any of the primary programming languages you can start with- start fresh, start today. Learning a new concept never gets wasted and helps develop a better understanding of the more unique things to come.

Step 2: Buy the Resources

iOS development requires to be done on the macOS only. Therefore, you must buy the necessary resources for developing an iOS application. It might seem costly for a while, but it is worth it.

You can easily find any second-hand Mac system to use and start with the development. But first, you need to install the XCode that is freely available on the Apple store as the development can only be done on this tool. Also, prefer owning an iPhone to check the applications' level and follow the guidelines for developing the applications matching those existing ones.

Step 3: Start Off Learning Swift or Objective C

Once you are ready with all the required resources, it is time to start development with the programming languages that help build an excellent OTT Platform Script or SoundCloud clone. While Objective C is the primary language used by most companies, Swift is slowly making progress toward being an ideal language for development.

As Apple itself has declared Swift as the future programming language, it includes various features that make it easier to develop the app. Therefore, the future lies with Swift, and hence it is recommended to start learning Swift and start with hands-on practice once the basics are straightforward.

Step 4: Take Help from Tutorials

The internet is proving itself to be providing the best resources; taking help from online tutorials is a must. The tutorials are designed to keep the beginners in mind and are excellent at clearing the basic concepts and developing the basic application entirely.

Following any of the excellent tutorials available online, you can start by developing the essential functions and a basic app that runs on the iOS platform. As companies looking to hire iOS mobile app developers check for development expertise, you can showcase your critical app development to ensure the practical knowledge you have earned.

Step 5: Final Touches

Add final touches to your custom app. Ensure that you have a working application that does not have bugs and also, the code you have written is clean. Here, clean is related to the coding standards and following naming conventions.

Therefore, the development needs to proceed in the right direction by following all the set standards. Brushing up yourself about the coding standards and making your application follow them lends you a good post by being considered to be having good programming knowledge.


The process of learning never stops. As much as you practice, the more you will sharpen your skills. Therefore, the ultimate way to become an expert developer is through practice and keep on learning new things. To become a good developer, you need to observe the codes and develop the logic to help you create a better application than the existing ones.


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