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What is the difference between used and refurbished phones?

by Deepak Agarwal 8 months ago in mobile

Both are pre owned phones but there is a difference between used phones and refurbished phones and are better in different aspects.

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Differences like the used phones are sold by a customer like you but the refurbished phones are sold by a shop or a company, these phones are reset to new by professional and are made like new and usually comes with warranty and are costly than used phones.

What are used phones?

Used phones are those phones that are used by someone for a limited period of time and then ready to be sold to someone else.

Buy old mobile at a lower price but its not same every time that the product is good. It might be faulty or damaged, if we couldn’t identify the fault during the time of buying then we can face great loss in near future.

But there is advantage to buy second hand phones sometimes we can get used phones in good condition or almost a new second hand phone as someone wants to sell it due to financial problem or wants to buy another mobile.

Is buying a used phone worth it?

Buying a used phone is worth only if you get a very high feature phones in good condition with original paper works or documents and the second-hand phone is within your budget or at lower price depending upon the condition of the used phone.

There is a little risk in buying a used phone as they might be defective or damaged so you have to check it before buying.

What are Refurbished phones?

Refurbished mobile phones are damaged or faulty phones that are repaired by retailers and available for sale at a low cost.

Refurbished phones are low in cost but one thing is clear that they are free of defects as it is repaired and checked by a professional technician. Refurbished phones might not look as good as new ones there might be scratches and dents but they are new from inside.

What are the Disadvantages of Refurbished phones?

• Refurbished phone might not look as good as a new one.

• Refurbished phones might not get warranty.

• Refurbished phones might have scratches and dents on the phone

• Refurbished phones have bad battery backup than the original phone.

Do refurbished phones last long?

Refurbished phones last long because they are repaired and checked and also comes with warranty that means that phones are good to for a long time.

Refurbished phones might have dents or scratches on them but the internal hardware and defects are repaired so the phone is as good as new form inside.

Which is better refurbished or pre owned?

Refurbished phones are fixed or repaired by a professional technician and thoroughly checked. Refurbished phones are defect free phones that can be used for a longer period of time.

Used phones are simply used by someone and for certain reason he is selling the old phone at a reasonable price.

So, Refurbished phones are better than Second hand phones as refurbished phones are repaired. checked and also faulty free. But used phones are not checked and might be faulty or defective even if it might look as good as new.

Which site is best for refurbished phones?

• Amazon Refurbished

• Cifiyah

• eBay

• Quikr

• Paytm Mall

• Shopclues

Which site is best for used phones?

• Cifiyah

• Olx

• Cashify

• Quikr

• 91 Mobiles

• Mobiles4sale

Where to buy used phones?

To buy used phones there are basically two ways one is from the local mobile store another is from online classified sites. The best way to get used mobile phone is from the classified sites as there a lot of options available to choose from, many seller post ads of their phone on classified sites.

• First signup on a classified website so that you can see the ads listed by the seller.

• Then select the mobile you liked and click on it.

• You will find a lot of info about the mobile in the ad description and you will also get the contact details of the seller.

• Directly contact the seller to meet and check the phone thoroughly.

• If the phone has no errors then finalize the deal with the seller.

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Buy or sell your second hand mobile on the best-classified site to get the best deals on the mobile, it is very important to choose the right site on which you will buy or sell your mobile.

I would recommend Cifiyah, here you can post free ads and sell your phones in no time. Here we do not entertain fake and unverified profiles so that every user should be genuine. All the latest gadgets like mobiles and laptops are available at Cifiyah. Best buying and selling is done with Cifiyah.


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