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What are the pros and cons of buying used laptops?

by Deepak Agarwal about a month ago in gadgets

Buying used laptops, you can save a lot of money and can also get good products but used laptops may not have warranty or any guarantee that it will work efficiently for longer period of time.

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Used laptops are budget friendly and you can get a high-priced product at a low cost. Not everyone can afford high specification laptops these laptops cost high because of their build and extra features. But we can get this type of high-end laptops at a very low or budget friendly price if we wish to buy a second-hand laptop.

Most of the used laptops don’t have warranty that means in near future if your laptop faces any problem to repair the laptop you have to spend money from your pocket. Used laptops don’t have guarantee that it will run for a long period. It all depends upon the way the laptop is used and of which brand it does belong.

Should I buy a used or new laptop?

Buying a used laptop is a good idea because you can get second hand laptops at a very low cost comparing to new laptops.

New laptops can cost a high amount and can be afford by few people. Now a days used laptops are as good as new laptops because good conditioned used laptop are for sale due to increase in demand of gaming laptops so people are switching to gaming laptops and their good conditioned old laptop is up for sale.

What should I check before buying a used laptop?

1. Requirement- First thing is which type of used laptop you want to buy, what should be its minimum requirements that’s your used laptop should have like RAM, processor, HDD, etc

2. Laptop Body- Inspect the body of the used laptop look for any sort of damages, scratches and dents etc. Also check for missing screws and loose hinges and lid of the laptop.

3. Screen- Check the screen condition of the used laptops it must not be cracked or any sort of scratches on the screen. Turn on full brightness of the screen and check the screen must not be dummy or dark.

4. Keyboard and Mouse pad- Check all key of the keyboard is working fine and check the keys are not broken or missing and also check the mouse pad of the laptop whether it is working or not.

5. Ports and Drives- Check all ports are working fine by connecting a pen drive or hard drive and also check the cd dvd drive of the laptop.

6. Wireless connectivity- Check wireless connectivity of the used laptop by connecting it to a WIFI and also check Bluetooth connectivity of the laptop.

7. Speaker- Check the speaker of the laptop by playing some songs in low, medium and high volume. The sound must be clear if not the speaker is damaged.

8. Battery- Charge the battery and check the battery drainage timing and also check is it charging properly or not.

9. Software- Check all the pre-loaded software like windows 10 or windows 7 is genuine. If there is a pre-loaded anti-virus software check the validity of the anti-virus.

10. Price and Quality- Check you are getting your used laptops at a very good deal and make sure the second-hand laptop you bought is worth the price you paid for it. Quality of the product must be satisfactory.

Is it worth buying a used gaming laptop?

Used gaming laptops are bit different than normal average priced laptops because normal priced laptops performance is average, one can easily do office work easily without any trouble.

Gaming laptops are mostly focused on high performance. The laptop can take maximum load without any problem and have good high-end specifications and of good quality.

These laptops are bit high cost so it is not affordable by all so one can buy a used gaming laptop. This type of used laptops has a less chance of getting damaged even if you buy a used laptop. So, it is definitely worth buying a used gaming laptop.

Are used laptops safe?

Used laptops are safe if you check the product technically and visually carefully. You must know what you are about to buy and how good is the product. So, there is no need to worry about used laptops.

The only thing to worry about is used laptops don’t come with warranty. If any problem arises in future you have to deal it with your own pocket money. If you were aware and knew what laptop you bought then no need to worry.

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Where is the best place to buy a used laptop?

Best place to buy used laptop is online. There are lots of classified sites where we can sell old laptops and buy used laptops easily conveniently and securely and some websites also provide home delivery at your door step. It is really simple and easy. Websites like Cifiyah, Olx and Cashify are some the famous websites for buying used laptops. But most people use Cifiyah as it is safe and secure.

You can search used laptops according to your city to get your products more easily and conveniently, like buy used laptop in delhi you will get used laptops available in delhi or buy used laptops in Mumbai you will get all the used laptops available in Mumbai or your nearby places.

Deepak Agarwal
Deepak Agarwal
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