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Web Development Trends, Mistakes, and Misconceptions: What You Need to Know

2023 Trends, Mistakes, and Myths about Web Development

By BJIT Published about a year ago 7 min read

Web development continues to evolve and extend in new and interesting ways as the World Wide Web stands in its mid-30s. Offshore developers are experimenting with new approaches to provide the public with quicker, smarter, and more enjoyable experiences.

71% of organizations, including Fortune 500 corporations such as Apple and General Electric, outsource web development. Businesses outsource web development for a variety of reasons, including cost-cutting, locating the proper skills, achieving tight deadlines, and enhancing focus on other critical corporate processes.

What is NOT included in web development?

We were startled to discover a lot of material regarding web application development trends that are either out-of-date or has no obvious connection to the web. As a result, we think it's crucial to comment on some of the concepts you could see in publications of a similar nature.

  • Building a Serverless System

This method works well for creating prototypes and apps that are so small that they will never require development or expansion. Additionally, in the latter scenario, the web developer will be compelled to convert from serverless to containers or an API, which will be a difficult and costly transition.

  • Motion User Interface

This is simply a library that aids in the delivery of code for certain transitions and animations. It is one of several useful tools that can help you save some coding time. It adds animations to your program in this situation, but that must be a different trend. The same is true for dark-themed UI and low-light UX - these may be trends in web app design, but they have nothing to do with web development.

  • Blockchain Technology

We believe this approach might be valuable in the verification of certificate authenticity. Aside from that, it has little bearing on web development.

  • Internet of Things

As you are aware, this is a general term for items that are packed with electronics to communicate with servers online. As a result, web development can be done for IoT applications but not the other way around.

Let's now discuss the pitfalls faced by web developers.

Common Errors Made by Web Developers

We noted faults that we occasionally make in this list, but most of these are errors that we have discovered in projects that already exist and that we were requested to examine, update, or improve.

Unscalable Architecture

Every small project we work on makes the error of having an architecture that does not scale well. Yes, occasionally using this method speeds up the delivery of tiny apps, but as soon as new requirements arise, you'll find yourself spending insufficient amounts of time simply maintaining this design. Even then, there will be redundant code, elusive problems, and difficulties in adding new components.

Unresponsive Design

We occasionally come across web front-end applications that lack adaptability. When developing a web product in its very early stages, it is acceptable to ignore mobile views. However, if your code was previously developed with the knowledge of how you're going to integrate your components for mobile screens in mind, it is usually far easier to apply it once the needs for the mobile version arise.

The Complexity of the Design

The authorized startup website design may not always be the fault of web developers, but if it were, you may be unpleasantly startled by the price of implementing that button that shines in every hue of the rainbow.

No Code-Stretching

Web developers frequently release early development code into production while overlooking bundling and minification. Such code consumes more traffic, operates more slowly, and requires longer downloads.

The term "Debugger"

The 'debugger' keyword should occasionally be removed from the code before it is released for production, but occasionally our developers fail to do so. If the inspector tool is opened in the browser, closing it causes the program to terminate. Therefore, if such code is used in production, the program becomes dangerous. Automatic tools are often set up to prevent these situations. However, if they are not present or have not yet been added to your project, you should manually monitor such items.

Minimal Proficiency

Since new frameworks, libraries, and development methodologies are often adopted by businesses, developers don't always have the chance to thoroughly understand them before working on a new project. That is acceptable as long as the decision-makers or stakeholders are aware of the potential hazards such an approach entails.


Using a single CSS for all the app's pages and components is a terrible approach. Though initially convenient, managing such code gets increasingly challenging as the project expands.

The Top Trends in Web Development for 2023

We came to the conclusion that we could present the following three trends for 2023 after carefully considering the patterns that our web app developers had stated.

Progressive Web Applications

To put it simply, PWAs are web applications that make use of a certain collection of technologies to provide user experiences that are comparable to or on par with those provided by native apps.

They can be installed. They are mobile-friendly thanks to their responsive design. They may operate offline and are network independent. Not to mention that they are safe.

Progressive app development is, however, less expensive than developing any other sort of online app. Delivering a native-like experience for your web app is the premise behind PWAs.

Hire cross platform mobile app development company now.

AI, or artificial intelligence

Even if AI is now popular, there are many areas in which it may be used, such as chatbots, searches, customer experience personalization, and so on.

A product can outperform rivals and significantly boost numerous efficacy measures with artificial intelligence. Imagine the possibilities that artificial intelligence (AI) may provide in proposing content for usage after a user has read an article or watched a video.

The majority of firms in our online and mobile app development practice are interested in using artificial intelligence to create better chatbots.

Voice search

For developers, voice search is growing in popularity because there were previously no tools available to add this functionality to applications. And now business owners that have a large user base using their website's search function are becoming increasingly interested in offering voice search as well.

In order to improve the user experience and speed up search times compared to traditional search, it is not enough to simply set up a tool that supports voice recognition out of the box. It also needs to work well on mobile platforms and comprehend unusual verbal requests. Even so, if you succeed in delivering it, you will outperform your rivals.


Data security should always be a trend, so we included it in our list. As security professionals, we have a lot of knowledge about how businesses may be breached, held for ransom, or just neglect their access controls and security procedures.

And the issue goes beyond the mere existence of evildoers in the world or the shortcomings of development tools. Cybercriminals continuously scan the Internet for systems with breaches and vulnerabilities using sophisticated technologies. It is no longer true that no one will hack you since they don't care about you.

Single-page applications

Single-page applications (SPAs) offer several features that aid in the rapid loading of your website. In most online apps, every single click causes the page to refresh. SPAs, on the other hand, load faster since the HTML page only has to be loaded once. It also gives a more fluid navigation experience because there is no need to click on several links to go between sites.

Furthermore, it saves bandwidth by not requiring the download of extra files. Furthermore, in 2018, the Material Design Lite (MDL) framework was introduced, allowing developers to design SPAs using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

An enhanced representation of the actual world is augmented reality. In contrast, virtual reality (VR) is a 3D world created by a computer in which users are represented by avatars. It is something akin to the metaverse. Both technologies are being used in a variety of industries, including gaming, healthcare, architecture, retail, and tourism. The web development sector benefits from AR and VR, which have emerged as two of the most astonishing technologies.

The Bottom Line

Custom software design and development allow you to win the digital game. And it all comes down to making the website appear attractive, enhancing functionality, ensuring seamless integration, making it run quickly, fixing bugs, and operating effectively.

No one trend, tool, or tip sheet will guarantee the dependability, security, or overall success of your web product. The engineers' actual construction experience and technical knowledge are essential. Additionally, you may occasionally only confirm this through direct contact with the team candidates for your project.

If you want to develop a website and need help, BJIT is your ally.

BJIT will provide you with a team of professionals that will understand your needs, consider your recommendations, and come up with a clever solution to help your business flourish. Furthermore, you will receive direction and assistance from industry professionals to ensure that you have a clear picture and a positive experience with our specialists and business analysts in your sector.

If you have a project to work on, let's talk about its potential problems and prospects and figure out how to complete it within your available budget and time.

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