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Like each area of India, Mithila additionally is loaded with Devi sanctuaries. I saw a considerable lot of them at Darbhanga, be that as it may, the vast majority of them are new. Old Devi sanctuary of Mithila incorporate Uchhaith Bhagwati Sanctuary and Ahilya Sthan, the two of which are referenced in our Indian Sacred writings.

We visited both these sanctuaries en route to Janakpur - the old capital of Mithila.

Uchhaith Bhagwati Sanctuary

Uchhaith Bhagwati gets her name from the town that is likewise called Uchhaith. It lies on the way that numerous Rishi Munis took to go to Himalayas. Indeed, it is in the lower regions of the Himalayas, extremely near Janakpur.

Sanctuary story additionally says that Sri Smash likewise visited this sanctuary while heading to Janakpur. To be sure, the Ahilya Sthan story that we will visit in a moment as well, verifies this story.

Kalidasa Story

Story goes that Kalidasa was an imbecile with no information. He was hitched to an extremely scholarly Vidyottama, by stunt. At the point when she learned about Kalidasa, she threw him out and advised him to return just when he has sufficient information. It is accepted that Kalidasa began working at a Sanskrit Pathshala close to Uchhaith.

Being a Durga lover, he used to visit and light a light in the sanctuary consistently. One blustery evening, he crossed the stream with incredible trouble to light the light. Devi was satisfied with his dedication. She showed up before him and requested that he look for an aid. Kalidasa, obviously, requested information and was granted that gift. He proceeded to turn into the best artist the world has seen.


You see a major Machh Dwar declaring the sanctuary, with two monster brilliant fishes. The way prompting the sanctuary is loaded with shops selling Puja things and prasad. Inside the compound there are merchants selling blossoms, coconuts, chunris, encompassing the sanctuary in red.

Uchhaith Bhagwati Sanctuary in Mithila

Uchhaith Bhagwati Sanctuary

This is an old sanctuary committed to Bhagwati as Chhinmasta - the one with a cut off head. She is one of the Scramble Mahavidyas. In the Garbhagriha, you see a picture of Devi in dark stone. It isn't not difficult to see it as it is covered with heaps of red hibiscus blossoms. Pandit ji was sufficiently thoughtful to lift the blossoms to allow us to have the darshan.

Numerous ladies were adoring the Devi. It is a live sanctuary throbbing with divine energy. At the point when we visited, a katha was going on, as an introduction to the forthcoming Navaratri. There is a Shiva sanctuary in the premises.

Chhinmasta as Uchhaith Bhagawati

Chhinmasta as Uchhaith Bhagawati

The sanctuary is small when you contrast it with its significance and notoriety. The tiles were falling apart, there was rottenness all around. How I wish, the sanctuary was more clean. The disorder and messiness remove the holiness of the spot.

I'm informed that part of Tantra Sadhana is finished at this sanctuary and the bordering incineration ground. It is accepted that one gets whatever one wishes for at this sanctuary.

Navaratri draws in heaps of groups at this sanctuary. 10th day of Navaratri that addresses Siddhidatri or the type of goddess that gives you will all potential wishes is uniquely venerated here.

Ahilya Sthan

Ahilya is the spouse of Gautam Rishi. They lived here in the woods in the lower regions of the Himalayas. When Indra deceived Ahilya and that drove Gautam Rishi mad. He reviled her to turn into a stone.

Ahilya Sthan

Ahilya Sthan

When he did as such, he understood that it was not her issue, rather Indra was to blame. A revile can not be reclaimed, so he restricted it by saying that when a Vishnu Symbol comes and contacts her by his feet, she will return to her human structure.

Sri Smash, as the seventh symbol of Vishnu, strolled on this way, following his Master Vishwamitra. On his way, he contacted Ahilya and obliged her. This spot came to be known as Ahilya Sthan.

Slam Sanctuary at Ahilya Sthan

There is an exquisite sanctuary in pale pink and yellow committed to Slam Janaki. We arrived at this sanctuary at Ahiari town early morning, just to think that it is shut. On our solicitation, Pandit ji consented to open the sanctuary. However, he really wanted a chance to scrub down before he could open the sanctuary. Meanwhile, we strolled around and found an Ahilya Sanctuary nearby

Slam Mandir at Ahilya Sthan

Smash Mandir at Ahilya Sthan

The sanctuary dates to late seventeenth CE and has been reestablished by the Darbhanga lords.

Inside it has delightful Murtis of Sri Smash Janaki alongside Gautam-Ahilya, Hanuman ji and Vishwamitra.

You can circumvent the sanctuary and appreciate its basic yet rich engineering.

Ahilya Sanctuary

Ahilya sanctuary is a little sanctuary situated close to a square stepwell. There are two Pindis on the ground that are covered with metal faces and dressed with articles of clothing.

Pindis on the ground - Ahilya Sthan

Pindis on the ground - Ahilya Sthan

A stage behind holds the Murtis portraying Ram Darbar and Hanuman ji in the lap of his mom.

I was captivated about Hanuman Murti and the woman cleric there said, this is the maternal grandparent's home of Hanuman ji. I asked how and she made sense of that Anjani, the mother Hanuman ji is little girl of Ahilya and Gautam Rishi. This was a genuinely new thing to me. Here onwards, I began seeing the Hanuman ji, alongside his mom Anjani in numerous sanctuaries around.

Smash Darbar at Ahilya Sthan

Smash Darbar at Ahilya Sthan

Skin Fix Custom

We saw an intrigued custom here. A young lady was doing the parikrama of the sanctuary holding two long brinjals on a stick. After she was finished with her Puja, I got some information about the Brinjals. She said she had a skin infection that couldn't be restored with all potential medicines. That is the point at which somebody recommended her to implore Ahilya with a commitment that assuming that you are relieved you would visit Ahilya Sthan and offer brinjals to the Devi. She had come as far as possible from Mumbai where she resides, subsequent to being restored. Confidence, as is commonly said, can move heaven and earth.

Before the sanctuary stands a thick support point in yellow with mantras composed on it. In a specialty confronting the sanctuary are the old Murtis of Sri Slam and Lakshman. It is accepted that parikrama of this point of support is equivalent to parikrama of the world. We saw a couple of individuals doing its parikrama.

A connecting Yagnashala with a covered rooftop demonstrate normal yagnas here.

A stage with the impressions of Sri Smash denotes his excursion through this woods. Truth be told, for lovers, this is the most consecrated piece of these sanctuaries.

I found these two sanctuaries at Ahilya Sthan exceptionally quiet. They ooze that tranquility that one necessities to go internal.

Gautam Kund

Gautam Kund

After this we visited Gautam Kund at Brahmpur town. It seemed to be a cutting edge lake. We supplicated from a good ways and carried on our excursion towards Janakpur.

According to pauranik stories, Brahma himself made this lake for Gautam Rishi in his seclusion.

Travel Tips

For visiting both these spots nearest air terminal is Darbhanga and rail line station is Madhubani.

Uchhaith Is found 4 kms from Benipatti.

Except if you have any desire to do a Puja, 30 minutes is sufficient to visit the sanctuary on an ordinary day.

Ahilya Sthan is around 24 km from Darbhanga. Follow the sign sheets from the principal street to arrive at this sanctuary.

Gautam Kund is far away and doesn't appear to be an old kund. Thus, except if you should visit, it is avoidable.

There are no offices at Ahilya sthan, so convey your own food and water.

At Uchhaith, there are diners yet it might in any case be judicious to convey your own.


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