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TV Buddy Caster - Latest Reviews And Features In 2021

TV Buddy Caster - Latest Reviews And Features

By Jais FrankPublished 2 years ago 5 min read

At present days online streaming is becoming very popular among all viewers.TV Buddy is a streaming device that will allow you to stream new video and tv shows with the help of these devices. This device lets you see all the presentations from your devices like a smartphone, tablet.

Now, most people are using the internet to see their favorite shows and other entertainment videos with the help of these devices. The smart tv and the devices are modified for the use of the new technology. In every modern technology, you will see the USB port, which is quite friendly to add these types of new technology-based devices.

Tv Buddy is a new device that is based on television live streaming technology. The TV buddy’s popularity is associated with the problems that can occur when we are more prone to see the shows on small screens. Other than that, this devices’ popularity increases because of the regular cable tv subscription prices and the irregularity of channels.

The high price of cable tv subscriptions are quite an uncomfortable issue, and the customers are facing more problems associated with the less available channels on the televisions. The HDMI compatibility of the devices is the main key feature of this device.

By 2021 these small devices are in our electronic market, and they still hold their strong position in the customer priority list. This is the basic proof of the product’s authenticity. Now take a look at the new features of the products and the unbiased review of the product.

New Features Of The Tv Buddy In 2021

The Tv Buddy caster is one of the finest solutions of all streaming video, and more channels offer at an affordable price. This device is a mirrored screen of the television channels in your devices. The small size and portability is the main key feature of the product.

Here are some of the key benefits of the Tv Buddy caster.

  • The compatibility of the device is quite a unique approach. This new device is compatible with almost every type of smart devices like Mac and Android. The smart devices to smartphones, everything is compatible with nearly every smart device and the new operating systems.
  • Small and portable device.
  • It is a plug-and-play type device as the tv buddy has a smart HDMI port, which allows you to see almost every show and every channel with the help of the just connect and the play options.
  • A wire-free device means you are just free from all long wires and the cable wires.
  • Modern television is more of playing like a screen and the television both ways. This flexibility can be fully utilized with the help of tv buddy caster. When you need to use the tv screen without the cable tv channels, you can use it as your requirements like giving presentations or seeing the videos.
  • Airplay, Miracast like these multiple modes of playing are giving you the options to change your choice.
  • As you can use your screen for working purposes, the device does not access your personal documents.
  • The wide varieties of the channel at an affordable price is the main attraction of the tv buddy.
  • You will get more channel access when you are using the tv, buddy. The free channels list is quite long concerning the other cable networks channels.
  • The high definition of almost 1080 pixel picture quality is another best feature of the tv buddy.
  • The streaming is quite fast. You do not have to pause the video in between the streaming.
  • The hardware device installation is relatively easy; only one thing you need to do is just find the port.
  • Tv Buddy is a Wi-Fi-compatible device that helps you to see your favorite shows uninterruptedly. The different file formatting is not becoming a barrier to seeing the movies. The audio compatibility has multiple options means multiple file formatting is accessible with the TV buddy’s help.
  • The device has a new feature of the remote controlling options, which makes the device more user-friendly.

Reviews Of Tv Buddy Caster In 2021

If you ask for the reviews of the tv buddy caster in 2021, then the first that comes to our mind is the first introduced timing of this device. This device was first introduced in the electronic market in the year 2007. The popularity of the device is growing stronger for varieties of the reason like user-friendliness and compatibility.

Here are some points that will help you understand the sweet and sour facts about using the tv buddy caster.

  • We already discussed the sweet terms before. The device is quite a user-friendly device, portable and convenient to use.
  • The free channel list is quite long. etc.
  • Most of the time, the sour factor comes when purchasing these devices from the local unauthorized dealers and the shops. Unauthorized dealers are more prone to supply non-branded products. Sometimes they also even supply faulty items, which can not achieve the satisfaction level of the customers.
  • Then comes the other part related to the installation. Most of the time, modern televisions all have HDMI ports, but some of the ports are not compatible with fake products and devices.
  • The original tv buddy products do not have too many customer complaints regarding the installation and other key operational areas of the products.
  • Here comes another part of the subscription-related issues. When you are buying the tv buddy and want to go with the subscription-related issues. 90% percent of the complaints are coming from the customers who are buying the products from the local unauthorized buyers.


Tv Buddy is quite a user-friendly product and does not get many more bad reviews. This product is worth buying. The long life of the product’s existence in the electronic market is just proving the facts. If you want to purchase the tv buddy caster, then do not go to the local distributor. First, contact the original company, and they will guide you.

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