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There are so many side effects of mobile phones

by Charlotte Sanchez about a year ago in mobile
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How to deal with?

The popularity of mobile phones has undoubtedly brought great convenience to people's contact. However, if used improperly, mobile phones can also take away health.

Transmission of pathogens

Mobile phones touch countless surfaces of face, ears, fingers and public places all day. Average people touch mobile phones 47 times a day. The amount of dirt on a mobile phone is 10 times that of a toilet seat. Dirty mobile phones can spread germs, which will definitely affect health. Bacteria hidden on mobile phones include Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, common cold and influenza viruses.

Solution: wipe the surface of mobile phone with alcohol cotton ball every day, and wash hands thoroughly before and after using mobile phone.

Long acne

Dirty mobile phones can lead to acne outbreak, because users directly stick the mobile phone screen full of germs on their face, close to the mouth, nose, cheek and ear, which are easy to be invaded by germs and cause skin inflammation.

Solution: try to use headphones or speakers instead of sticking your phone to your face. If you are not used to the first two methods, wash your face immediately after you answer the phone.

Impaired vision

High energy visible light (also known as blue light) comes from computers, light-emitting diodes, mobile phones and televisions, and 50% of macular degeneration is related to this light. This type of light is likely to be the cause of many children's myopia, because they play too many video games or spend too much time browsing the mobile screen. Blue light can also cause premature aging of the skin.

Solution: adjust the phone to night mode in the evening to protect your eyes from blue light. Some brands of sunglasses and some medical sunscreens can protect the eyes from high-energy visible light.

Cause depression

Addiction to mobile phones may have a negative impact on mental health. The use of social media leads people to blindly compare with others. If successful people post photos or descriptions on social media to show off, others will ask, "why didn't I do that?" Social comparison has a negative impact on self-esteem and self-efficacy.

Solution: limit your daily use of social media to half an hour. When other people's circle of friends information may cause you discomfort, set this person to "invisible" state, so that "out of sight, out of mind".

Get in the way of relationships

Mobile phones interfere with people's ability to connect emotionally. Ultimately, lack of connection increases loneliness, anxiety and depression. This ubiquitous electronic device can distract people's attention from the important things around us, which may lead to less time with our loved ones. People may focus on reading news, browsing social media, answering work emails, and missing out on what's happening right in front of them. When couples get along with each other, the use of mobile phones will limit the positive interaction between partners and aggravate communication problems.

Solution: set boundaries. For example, don't bring your mobile phone to the dining table, or download an application that can track and record the screen usage time. It will automatically close when the time comes.

Destroy sleep

Excessive use of mobile phones before bedtime can have a negative impact on sleep quality. It is difficult for people to fall asleep because they focus on the screen and browse the miscellaneous information.

Solution: stop looking at your cell phone two to three hours before bedtime.

Tired throat

Whether it is the use of hands-free function, or in a noisy environment, people often speak much louder than usual. Speaking loudly can cause trauma to vocal cords and cause swelling of the throat and hoarseness.

Solution: if you find that you need to shout to be heard, find a quiet place to answer the phone.

Causes muscle pain

People use unusual postures when they answer and make calls. For example, when people hold a phone over their shoulder to their ear, this can lead to increased muscle tone, cramps and temporomandibular joint disorders.

Solution: don't put your phone between your ears and shoulders. Use a phone with wired headphones or speakers.

Increasing pressure

Have you ever panicked when you couldn't find your mobile phone? People expect to be able to check their work email regularly, even during off work hours and weekends, and are fascinated by social media and shopping sites. Because people have been lack of sleep and overworked, browsing the overwhelming information can cause anxiety and depression.

Solution: strictly limit the time you spend using work email or wechat after work, and instead enjoy personal or family time instead of social media.

Affect children's development

The progress of modern technology poses a higher challenge to brain function. Screen is replacing outdoor game time and face-to-face interaction between people, which is a precious childhood feature of the previous generation. Too much screen time can have long-term harmful effects on brain development.

The solution: parents should set an example first, limit the time they use the screen, and set a good example for their children. Usually, parents should carry out parent-child interaction with their children and play outdoors together.

Deprivation of solitude

One of the bad effects of using a mobile phone is that it eliminates the chance of solitude in life. Clinical studies have shown many benefits of being alone, including enhancing self-awareness and empathy, improving cognitive function and reducing stress.

The solution: be alone for at least one hour a day and enjoy being alone in the natural environment. An added benefit of this is to restore some of the brain's functions, which can be weakened by long-term screen operation.


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