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The Island

How To Survive On An Island Using Only Duct

By DIVINEFAVOUR REMIGIUSPublished 7 months ago 6 min read
The Island
Photo by Michael on Unsplash

While flying over the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean, an unexpected tempest engulfs the aircraft, causing violent turbulence. As the plane descends uncontrollably, panic sets in. Swiftly donning a parachute, you bravely eject yourself from the aircraft and gracefully touch down onto a remote island. Thankfully, you were the sole passenger aboard the plane, transporting valuable cargo across the ocean. Despite the storm's wrath, your parachute remains intact, and you release yourself from its embrace. Seeking refuge under the shelter of a palm tree, you patiently wait for the storm to subside.

The following day, as the radiant sun illuminates the tranquil waves, you awaken to a desolate island with no signs of civilization or life. Determined to explore and discover any remnants of hope, you diligently scout the island, unsure of what you seek. On one side, you spot debris from the plane washed ashore, a collection of scrap metal and fragments. Hastily, you rush towards it, hoping to salvage something useful. Unfortunately, the wreckage lies in ruins, destroyed beyond repair. Amidst the wreckage, however, a sealed box has miraculously survived the calamity. Curiosity piqued, you eagerly open it to find dozens of rolls of duct tape stacked inside.

After scouring the island, you return to your makeshift camp, dragging the box of duct tape with you. Puzzling over its potential utility, a moment of inspiration strikes like a lightning bolt. Certain areas of the island prove difficult to traverse, especially with your damaged shoes. Resourcefully, you gather branches and ingeniously fashion a new pair of sandals, meticulously securing them with layers of duct tape. Despite numerous failed attempts, perseverance prevails as you fasten the smooth, foot-friendly duct tape onto pieces of tree bark, forming makeshift soles for your new shoes. With several branches added and the duct tape snugly wrapped around your feet, you proudly behold your creation—duct tape sandals. Equipped with these innovative footwear, you can now venture into the rocky terrain unscathed.

As you continue your exploration, the scorching heat becomes increasingly unbearable. Wrapping your shirt around your head proves insufficient protection against the searing rays. Ingeniously, you employ duct tape to fashion a hat, combining it with leaves for added shade. Placing the duct tape hat upon your head, you march forward, ready to conquer the island's challenges.

During your excursion, hunger gnaws at your stomach, reminding you of your dire need for sustenance. Your eyes alight upon a rocky reef, teeming with delectable crabs and fish. Alas, capturing them with your bare hands is an insurmountable task. Determined, you seize a long branch and gather palm tree leaves, ingeniously crafting a net by securing them together with duct tape. Reinforcing the net with additional layers of duct tape, you head towards the reef, wearing your makeshift sandals and hat, armed with the net to capture your desired feast. Through resourcefulness and persistence, you manage to ensnare an assortment of fish and crabs, which you eagerly bring back to camp.

With a crackling fire and the aroma of grilled seafood permeating the air, you realize that sitting on a mere log lacks comfort. Swiftly, you resolve this predicament by creating a mat out of duct tape, transforming the log into a more inviting seat. As the flames dance before you, you relish in the fruits of your labor, savoring the grilled delicacies. Yet, a new challenge emerges—the scarcity of fresh water. Seizing coconuts, you indulge in their refreshing milk, temporarily quenching your thirst. Resourcefully, you construct a small hut using branches and leaves, meticulously applying duct tape to ensure water tightness. Simultaneously, you fashion a makeshift funnel from duct tape to collect rainwater, channeling it into a pond-like structure created from the versatile adhesive. With almost half the rolls of duct tape consumed, your shelter is secure, and water sustenance assured.

As a brewing storm looms overhead, seeking refuge within your sturdy hut becomes imperative. Boredom creeps in, prompting you to fashion a chair and table from duct tape, adding a touch of comfort to your sanctuary. As the storm unleashes its fury, your resilient abode stands firm, providing solace and safety. Nestling upon your comfortable mat, you find respite, drifting into a deep slumber.

Awakening to a new day, you evaluate the dwindling supply of duct tape. Halfway through your final roll, you survey the island and realize that the time to escape has arrived. Exhausting all efforts to attract help, your hopes for rescue diminish. However, a glimmer of fortune shines upon you as a cargo ship materializes in the distance. Swiftly contemplating your dwindling duct tape resources, you determine that constructing a raft is your best chance for salvation.

Gathering essential provisions and sustenance for the journey, you set to work. Collecting large logs, you lay them side by side to form a sturdy base, expertly securing them with rope made from tree bark and leaves. With a solid foundation in place, you repeat the process, adding another layer of logs atop the base, minimizing the risk of sinking. Strengthening any weak spots with duct tape, you construct oars using branches and wrap them with layers of duct tape. Evidently, you have utilized approximately 75 percent of your duct tape supply, including the rolls previously employed in constructing the hut and furniture. With the raft complete, you fashion a small shelter to protect your food and belongings from the elements. Additionally, you fashion a mast using available wood and fashion a sail from a piece of cloth. Placing the raft upon the water's surface, you commence rowing towards salvation.

As you propel forward, the island that sheltered you for five days recedes into the distance. Embarking upon this perilous journey, risking everything, becomes a testament to your indomitable spirit. An hour passes, and the island becomes a mere speck on the horizon, while the ship draws nearer. With only one roll of duct tape remaining for emergency situations, you paddle on, hoping for a safe passage.

The calm waters abruptly transform into turbulent waves, and the size of the swells increases. Hastily, you unfurl the sail and brace for impact. Thanks to the sturdiness of your raft, the mighty waves crash against it, jostling the vessel but failing to breach its integrity. Though some provisions and supplies are lost to the relentless sea, your raft remains intact. As time presses on, the sun begins its descent, painting the sky with hues of gold and orange. No signs of rescue have yet emerged, compelling you to mend any damages to the raft using the last of your duct tape. While the storm may have claimed some of your resources, your trusty net allows you to replenish your food stores with freshly caught fish.

Creating a small, controlled bonfire within a coconut shell, you cook the fish and indulge in a well-deserved meal. Just as you turn around, you spot a ship approaching, a ray of hope amidst the vast expanse of the sea. Reacting swiftly, you grab a branch, ignite it, and vigorously wave it to capture their attention. Though the ship appears to be veering away, a compassionate soul aboard finally notices your desperate plea. In a swift and coordinated effort, they deploy an emergency boat to retrieve you, effectively rescuing you from your arduous journey. Reflecting upon your extraordinary tale, it becomes undeniably clear that duct tape has indeed been the key to your survival.

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