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The Cruelest Killer.

The Killer.

By Zainab NoorPublished about a month ago 3 min read

Is it possible that you are a killer? Just pause for a second and ask a question to yourself “How many personalities I have?” or “How many personalities in which I changed ”. And then ask yourself why I changed then wait for the answer its maybe due to depression, past tarumas , by losing someone you loved or due to physical abusing. The main point is that me and you are killers of dozen of personalities. we don’t physically kills someone but we killed our personalities which we were, we all are not the same. Some people get mature but they don’t change a bit but this is a totally different case the more we are getting older we started to kill ourselves. The first time we killed our self was when saw the cruelest side of the world some of us saw it in an early age, suppose an 11 year old boy saw the most difficult phase of his in that age this is sure that he will change and in the future at the age of 14 he will mature than 20 or 21 year old guy who didn’t saw the difficult phase yet. And the more we are getting older we are becoming heartless and emotionless if we have emotions we deprive them and we deprive them that much that we learnt when we have to use them and feel things and when to not. We learn how to control orselves that much that we get in the darkside and we get bored by just controlling ourselves and then we start controlling others who don’t know we manipulate them to make them like us and depends on us. The world is full of killers who are emotionally deattached, who are emotion cotrollers .

We all are the unknown killers. The humanity is getting darker. Humans are trying to discover space, Earth and the deep oceans, but they just forgot themselves. We are getting lost, we all are lost. There are secret cults , societies and the world is controlling by elites. We are running in the same race we all want to make our lives better which will be a far more better then this by a piece of paper called money. Ask your internal self “ Is this the place I want to reach” or “Is this the dream life which I promise my past self to give myself” . For what I am living for? Are we all living our lives accorrding to elites? The answer is yes. We all want to be the controllers, children disobeys their parents, parents don’t listen to their children, but for the same purpose why I obey them my life my rules. Students are getting judged by their marks, their intelligence is measured. Nobody thinks that if they are mature or maybe just their learning capacity is slow.

WE emotionlessly killing our internal self. We force ourselves, we mentally abuse ourselves. Just think do I deserve this. And tell yourself “Absolutely not, I will get against the world I will fight alone but never accept this miserable life for myself. I deserve better they don’t have the right to control me. I will give myself the life which I promised myself to give myself.” Be what you want don't listen to others don't care about anyone. Take care of yourself be kind to yourself and don't change yourself on others opinion they just see what they wanna see they never walk in your shoes. So don't care about them they are not you they never spend a single day as you so don't think about them think about you. You are important and they are not. Love yourself.

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Zainab Noor

I write articles on medium since 2023 https://medium.com/@itsmezaininoor.2708. I am also a professional graphic and logo designer on gumroad, payhip and others. If you have a team in which a logo/graphic designer is needed contact me.

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Comments (2)

  • Saima kashif26 days ago

    You are the best writer.

  • Saima kashif26 days ago

    If we think about it then we are really like that, it is not good for us to being like that.

Zainab NoorWritten by Zainab Noor

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