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CCtv Camera in Delhi Price

By Peepesys CctvPublished 2 years ago 7 min read

CCTV means Closed Circuit Television is a system that is integrated with different types of cameras to capture or transmit a signal. It is also used to monitor any activities in any particular area.

In today's time, the market for CCTV is growing day-by-day and the main reason behind that it is used in most applications around the globe. If we talk about the CCTV camera market, then Technology is the most primary concern in it. Two types of CCTV cameras are in trend these days: IP (Internet Protocol) and Non-IP (Non-Internet Protocol) CCTV cameras. Depend on the usage, and there are different types of CCTV cameras like Box-Shaped Cameras, PTZ Cameras, Bullet Cameras, and Drone Cameras etc.

Initially, the usage of CCTV was restricted to the commercial sector for surveillance. Still, as crime is increasing like Burglary, Theft, and many other criminals' activities lead to CCTV usage in the residential segment. That is why, for security purposes, the Residential and Commercial sector is showing their interest in the CCTV camera market.

CCTV Market in Delhi

A report released by the NCRB (National Crime Records Bureau) in October and reported crime has increased by 1.6% from the year 2018-2019. If we only speak about the Capital of the Country, Delhi, the rise in the crime rate was 20%, while the theft rate increased to 25.7%. This is the main reason why security becomes a significant need for Delhi.

In 2019 a report was published by the Press Trust of India (PTI). In the report, it was mentioned that till that time, 1,30,000 security cameras were installed in the capital city by the government, and they are planning to install another 1,70,000 cameras. Currently, CCTV camera in Delhi is being used in most places where security and surveillance are critical like the Railway Station, Airport, Metro, Shopping Malls, and Markets etc. Additionally, there are plans to install cameras where the security of assets is required.

Benefits of CCTV Camera Usage

Ensure Security

A CCTV camera ensures the safety of the public. Just think, would anyone dare to harm you in front of CCTV cameras? Through CCTV cameras, we can secure our property and ourselves safely. If there is any criminal activity, then the police can identify the criminals with CCTV cameras' help. Also, CCTV cameras can help security forces and the police prevent a crime from happening and also many cases can be solved through that.

Safeguard Against theft

CCTV cameras or surveillance cameras provide shelters against vandalism or theft of property. It is not easy to harm the property or steal anything in front of the cameras. If any thief tries to do this, they would be caught with CCTV cameras' help.

Works as a Proof

If there is any crime committed, then CCTV camera act as significant proof, and it plays a vital role in the investigation. The footage of surveillance cameras is a crucial piece of evidence, and through this, many cases can be solved very quickly.

Provide Confidence

People feel very safe when CCTV cameras are installed in public places. If there would be any surveillance cameras, then no one does any wrong things, and this will provide confidence to the people that no one can attack or harm them in front of CCTV cameras.

Helpful in Crime Prevention

CCTV cameras record the activities and provide the different angles of recording with Zoom in the facility. This feature can help prevent crime, which can be a great thing to capture the criminal. The surveillance cameras are always helpful in kidnapping cases where the image of the criminal can appear.

CCTV Installation Services

Security always remains a primary concern for families, business organization, warehouse, offices etc. As criminal activities and theft are increasing rapidly, so security is the most important thing for everyone.

CCTV Surveillance Installation & CCTV System

To monitor or capture images and video, there is a requirement of electronic and any other designed & constructed devices available in all the CCTV systems. In CCTV cameras, there are hardware and software components both. By adequately installing the CCTV, it helps to keep an eye on the suspected people.

Nowadays, many families are using home surveillance cameras, and by this, they can keep their virtual eye on their home by being in any location.

Why is Peep Electronic Systems Best?

There is no one near Peep Electronic Systems when it comes to CCTV Installation Services in Delhi, and this is the very best firm to provide CCTV installation services. Peep Electronic Systems has diverse CCTV and surveillance cameras that can secure your property with quality accomplishment, strong backup, and detailed revamp support.

Peep Electronic Systems provide support for various types of purpose. Few are mentioned below:

Keep the Border Security

To observe the patients who are in critical clinical condition are injured.

To keep an eye on traffic movement and pedestrian.

Maintain security where the radioactive material and poisonous mechanical scrap yard are kept.

Provide security to buildings.

Keep a record of the entry where the appropriate security and access controls are very mandatory.

Our firm has received 'CEE' and 'ROHS' certificates to maintain consistency and provide a security guarantee to the customers. Top-tier innovative arrangement and excellent after-sales service are our specialties, making us the most preferred CCTV Installation service in Delhi in the capital.

CCTV Camera in Delhi Price, CCTV Selection Criteria

We have now got to know the use of CCTV cameras and the best CCTV installation, provider. Now it is time to talk about the CCTV Camera in Delhi Price. Before choosing the best CCTV camera for your usage, you should know about the cameras' advantages & disadvantages.

Whenever you compare the CCTV cameras you should a few things keep in mind which are mentioned below:

Clarity & Quality of Image

If you keep clarity above anything and if it is necessary for you, then there are many types of CCTV cameras equipped with HD & Night Vision.

Area of Surveillance

It depends on you as to which type of area you want to keep under surveillance. There are so many CCTV cameras available with Wide Field of vision and narrow field of vision, and this thing should also be kept in mind while purchasing the CCTV cameras.


While going for a CCTV camera makes things very clear, what are the needed capabilities as per the lighting of that particular area? It depends on you as if you want to use the CCTV cameras in the Indoor Area or outside area.

Why choose us?

As we have already informed in this article that PEEP Electronic Services Pvt. Ltd. It is the best CCTV camera provider in the city. Apart from selling CCTV cameras, our firm also provides maintenance and installation services for CCTV cameras. Our company gives the foundation for any preferred CCTV Camera vendors in the city.

Peep Electronic Services is a channel partner of the various CCTV services firms which are based in Delhi. Our company gives products which come with one-year assurance and one year of free service. Our firm is also participating in the "Keep the City Safe Initiative".

CCTV Cameras Manufacturers in Delhi

As CCTV's demand is increasing rapidly in Delhi, the numbers of CCTV manufacturers are also increasing very quickly. Most of the CCTV installation & manufactures companies do not have the proper certification to install the CCTV. But due to lack of surveillance on these types of firms, they are busy doing business. As per a report, more than 75% of installed CCTV in Delhi are being installed illegally. It would be best to look for a reputed and certified CCTV camera dealer and service provider for purchasing and installing CCTV cameras.

Advantages of Peep Electronic Systems Pvt Ltd

Peep Electronic Systems are a preferred CCTV dealer in Delhi, and when you need any CCTV and surveillance cameras in Delhi, do give a call us. You will get the delivery and installation from our experts and get the after-sales support from our team. We have various CCTV cameras as we have Home CCTV Cameras, Outside CCTV Cameras, and Remote CCTV cameras, which comes with a DVR.

You would get a range of quality products at very reasonable prices. We are also having a partnership with Hikvision CCTV Cameras, CP Plus, Panasonic, Zicom, Honeywell etc.

Get Complete Overview of CCTV Market in Delhi

It is expected that for 2021-2026 the Indian CCTV market can register a CAGR of 22.35%. There have been so many terrorist attacks in India over the last three decades, and to keep the country safe from these types of attacks, you would require a high-efficient CCTV. Also, there are so many criminal cases increasing where the victims are women, so CCTV becomes a necessity for the city.


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