The Best Languages to Learn When Studying Code

Expand your knowledge with these technological languages

The Best Languages to Learn When Studying Code

The best coding languages to learn for cyber security

With the increase of hackers and digital attacks on personal data and network, the demand for cybersecurity professionals has been steadily increasing over the years. Cybersecurity professionals make a decent living and are very well respected. To be a cybersecurity expert you need to master many coding languages. There are so many programming languages; it can be a daunting experience to find out which programming languages are most relevant to being a cybersecurity professional. In this article, some of the most popular and useful coding languages are discussed that can help you become a cybersecurity expert.

C and C++

C and C++ are very useful programming languages when it comes to becoming a cybersecurity professional. The C programming language is a very basic and popular programming language. It is fun to learn, and can be very useful for developing software and desktop applications. C++ is like an improved version of C programming. There are many uses of C++ programming language. Both languages are very useful when it comes to defending a system from hacker attacks. If you know C and C++ programming language, you can protect your network from lower level cyber attack.


Python is a very popular and highly effective programming language. Python is becoming much more popular, because it’s so easy to learn, and it is a very powerful language. It’s a useful language for cybersecurity experts also over the years. Python can be used to detect any kind of intrusion in your system. It can also be used to send TCP-packets to the system, and detect any abnormality in the system. It can be used to detect any kind of malware in the system. Python is a very effective language, and unlike C and C++ Python can be used to deal with sophisticated hacking techniques. If you know python language, you can be a better cybersecurity expert, and have more knowledge to deal with any attacks from hackers.


Javascript is a very popular scripting language that has been used for decades in website building, application building, and increasing the response time of a website. It is one of the primary programming languages that make up the core elements of the internet. In the beginning, Javascript was used as a client side language, but with time, the use of Javascript has been increasing. Now it is also used to defend against cyber attacks. If you are a Javascript programming language expert, then you have a bright future ahead in cybersecurity. You would have more knowledge to deal with attacks from hackers.


PHP is a very popular server-side language. Many popular websites are built using PHP. PHP is used in the backend to create functions for a website or a web-based application. Since many websites have been made using PHP programming language, knowing the language can help you to defend the website from any type of hacker attacks. If you know PHP, you can also provide many solutions to defend intruder attacks. There are many resources available on the internet to learn PHP, and learning PHP programming language can be a huge step forward towards becoming a cybersecurity expert.


SQL is a programming language that is used to create a database. Mainly SQL is used to create a database, and also to store data systematically in the database. Hackers are mainly after data of any organization by attacking the database with SQL injection. SQL is a popular programming language, and many of the websites use SQL databases to store the data of their clients. To defend the database you have to know about the SQL programming language. Knowing SQL can give you an edge over other cybersecurity experts, and make you a valuable asset to the team.

Mikkie Mills
Mikkie Mills
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