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The Basics of Dash

...and how to use it.

By Carolin PettersonPublished 7 years ago 3 min read

Our lives have been moving to the Internet for some time now. After being only marginally present on the World Wide Web ten or fifteen years ago, we’re now relying on it in all aspects of our lives. Therefore, it’s no surprise that even our finances became virtual, so an increasing number of people are using digital currency as we speak. So, what is it, how does it work, what can it do for you and how can you become a part of this trend as well?

New Philosophy

The biggest concern people have when starting to use digital currency is not knowing how it works and whether it’s 100% reliable or not. In order to understand its potentials and perks, you need to adopt a new financial philosophy and start thinking of it in a brand-new way. Instead of seeing your money like a stack of bills, start looking at it as your own private stock exchange where you can do what you want, whenever you want. You work with what you have, but you also need to consult the services of a digital currency exchanger (but be sure to find a reputable one!) who’s going to transfer your money into digital currency and also give you a few pointers in the process, too. Only then can you become a real player in the cryptocurrency game, someone who holds and invests money, and then spends it.

The Choices

If you’re thinking about trying out digital currency, the first thing you have to do is find a proper offer that’s going to provide you with all the options you need. While there are lots of available currencies you could opt for, it seems that a rising number of people are using Dash right now since it’s one of the most popular and most reliable options out there. Released in 2014, it’s a decentralized cryptocurrency, which means that it features immediate private transactions and non-centralized governance. At the moment, it’s one of the highest and most valuable altcoins on the market, so you might want to get into it as soon as possible.

How does Dash work?

Since Dash is the closest thing to having your own personal wallet in the virtual world, its method of operation is quite simple as well and consists of three steps. First, you need to get an adequate Dash wallet – users who don’t plan on using digital currency that often can go with simple desktop or mobile wallets, while more serious users often opt for a hardware wallet – and buy some currency. You can do this in a couple of ways, but, whether you’re using wire transfer, Bitcoins or cash, make sure you find a trustworthy way to buy digital currency in order to avoid becoming a victim of fraud. Finally, all you need to do is move your Dash coins from an exchange into your personal wallet and you’re good to go!

Why choose Dash?

There are a few things that separate Dash from other digital currencies and basically make it one of the easiest and most effective alternatives out there. First of all, it protects your privacy and safeguards your transactions using special features that are practically impossible to track, no matter how experienced and determined someone trying to track you is. Another feature makes payment confirmation process much easier and quicker than before, which is especially helpful to people who have a problem with double spending and paying for the same goods or services over and over again.

Are refunds possible?

In the end, some people are going to want to know whether refunds and exchanges are an option with Dash, and the answer is yes. There are a few steps you need to follow, but getting your money back is always a possibility, which is just another reason why digital currency is so much better than traditional payment options.


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