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The Apple Watch is a Game Changer!

by Jeffrey Clos 5 months ago in gadgets · updated 4 months ago
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.....but do I fully utilize it?

Apple Watch Series 6 (media by JC)

I swore to myself I couldn't own a watch because I couldn't get used to having anything on my wrist. I relied heavily on my cell phone or the people around me for knowing what time it was. It wasn't until Apple took the concept of a watch and exaggerated all of the functions a watch can do that I noticed. 

The Apple Watch Series 4 was my first foray into owning this device. I jumped on buying it because I liked the idea of being able to play music without having to take my giant iPhone with me on long bike rides. I could answer phone calls using my watch's speakerphone or the Airpods I have paired with it. I could remain connected at all times, and I did not have to be tethered to my phone. 

The gym is another experience altogether. Now I have a device to monitor my heart rate, record my workout and tell me if I am taking it too easy. My watch has become the ultimate babysitter and motivator all in one. Now I have goals, and closing out my rings has become the ultimate mission. I now know how active I have been throughout the day and how much more activity I need to reach my daily goals. 

Apple released the Series 6 line of watches, and I needed to upgrade. "Needed" may be too strong of a word. I "wanted" to upgrade for one reason, the always-on capability was something that appealed to me. It became cumbersome to look at the watch and notice it was not available for a quick read. It might have required a down/up motion to get the watch face to turn on. At times the watch seemed to be temperamental. Apple did this to conserve battery time. Series 6 resolved this without sacrificing battery time. 

Solo Loop Wrist Band (media by JC)

Sure, Apple made other improvements, but the always-on feature was the number one upgrade driver. Now I had a watch, which functioned as a watch. I wouldn't have to flap my wings to get it to show me the information at a glance. I can honestly say it was well worth the upgrade. With the introduction of the new Solo loop wristband, the watch quickly became more appealing. 

Apple Watch Applications (media by JC)

So do I fully utilize my watch? The simple answer is no, given the multitude of possibilities it possesses. How can anyone fully use this beast of a machine? Looking at the complications in the picture, I can tell you I don't use 75% of them. Here are the functions I do use in no particular order:

Rings- Apple has stand, exercise, and move rings designated by the colors red, green, and blue. My goal is to close out these circles by day's end. Available as a complication on my home screen. 

Time telling. It's a watch, and its primary function should be to tell time and give me the date-the date drills down to a calendar with a schedule from the main screen. 

Timer function. I use this frequently throughout the day, and it is available as a complication on my main screen. 

Temperature/Weather- I love to see this daily right on my main screen as a complication. 

Activity- I log my walks, workouts, bike rides, hockey time….etc- All from the main screen.

Simple phone calls- Again, as a complication on the main screen

Music- Again on the main screen.

The last complication on the main screen advises battery strength. I can get a total of 24+ hours without recharging, provided I don't overly tax the watch. 

Looking at the above list, I can see how extensive it is. The watch will undoubtedly do more, and I have used it to unlock car doors, house locks, thermostat settings, and the like. For the time being, I will continue with my routine until something better comes along!


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