Technologies Used Against Hackers Accessing Data

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Protecting Your Data

Technologies Used Against Hackers Accessing Data

In the current era, technology has started to play a very important role related to the progress of a country. With all this technology comes a lot of threats, viruses and some serious issues which stop technology from giving its best. These threats are more or less directed towards technologies having old software and who should upgrade their software instantly. There are some methods and technologies used to protect and secure data and important files.

Encrypt data

In this modern era, companies need to be one step ahead of their enemies, and in this case their worst enemies are hackers. So, companies need to prepare in advance and just think in the way that hackers have already breached every gate to access the private and personal files. The companies have thus started to secure the data rather than the system and to secure data the best way is through encryption. Companies need to find out which data is the most valuable and important and simply encrypt it and so for anyone who wants to access the data would need to have the keys. In some companies, the issue arrives related to decryption and not knowing where some specific information lies. For this problem, sensitive data discovery tools are used to find out where are some important files and data and can be accessed without any difficulty. Encryption has no problem, but the problem arises with accessing the controlled data. So, what this method does is that the attacker can steal the data files, but he could not access them without some specific key and some companies have even coded them to work only close to the company's environment.

Fake data files

Whenever hackers get a hold of someone else's computer their main focus is to collect all the data in that particular computer so that it can also give information about other computers as well. In this case, most companies use deceptive network technology which is basically creating fake data files. This confuses the hackers while on the same hand alerts the managers that some unauthorized person is trying to enter the system. The elusive network is a concept based on the virtual system, virtual data files, etc. This network takes the hacker into an imaginary world consisting of fake files and data, which only the managers know about, but the hackers don’t know that it is not real.

Eliminating computer chips

This is a technology by many companies around the world. Through this, companies can save their data and files from getting into the enemy’s hands as the chip is made to go through a self-destruction process. According to scientists, the chip contains a thin layer of silicon along with a piece of tempered glass. A small is triggered by an electrical component which causes a reaction and with the help of force, the chips get destroyed. Different companies are using this technology to protect their electronic and computer information during the war. During the war, if some sort of chip gets in the hands of the enemy and they are trying to open it to access the data files. The chip would simply self-destruct and eradicate each and every data file with it thus not allowing the enemies to get any data.

In conclusion, companies need all of these technologies in order to survive, any lethal and dangerous attack by hackers or by competitors. Competitors getting a hand on your personal files would mean they can simply come up with a better product because they would already know your tactics and plans. Companies you straight away get these technologies and block the access of hackers to sensitive data files.

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