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Staying Fit in the Work-From-Home Era | Andrew Hutchings, Long Beach, CA

Andrew Hutchings of Long Beach, CA on staying fit in the work-from-home era.

By Andrew Hutchings | Long Beach, CaliforniaPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

Being an adult in today's modern world can be difficult at times. Covid is still a looming threat, and because of that, the way that people navigate everyday life is changing. The days of waking up early and rushing to make it to the office by nine are gone, and the era of working from home and staying inside has arrived. 

Many companies have even decided to allow their employees to continue working from home after the pandemic because they find it to be so beneficial! While working from home is amazing for preventing the spread of covid and helping maintain a good work-life balance, there are a few drawbacks.

 A lot of people are finding it hard to remain active and make time for exercise now that they stay inside for the majority of their day. It's important to remain active in some way because, without it, one can experience weight gain, diminished flexibility, muscular atrophy, and general aches and pains. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to get quality physical activity throughout the day!

Online Exercise:

Now that people are avoiding the gym and each other, there is more exercise-related content being put on the internet than ever. There are copious YouTube videos that are meant to guide one through a specific exercise or workout routine. From yoga and pilates to dancing or calisthenics, a google search can help anyone find the workout that fits them! If guided videos don't seem appealing, there are usually workout routines other people have put together in written format that can be followed.


Stretching is something that may seem small but can have a big impact. After being sedentary for too long, the body can start developing aches and pains from not being used enough. One of the specific areas that suffer from aches and pains the most are the joints. Stretching right before sitting and immediately after standing can be an easy way to get some movement in throughout the day and maintain some flexibility. Stretching also helps relieve joint pain that can occur from being inactive for too long.

Make sure to be mindful of the space when doing home workouts; this can help prevent injury or damage to the home.

About Andrew Hutchings, Long Beach

Andrew Hutchings of Long Beach, California is best known for being a successful real estate mogul over the course of his 40-year career. Andrew made a name for himself with his incredible home renovations, but hasn't focused his career in flipping real estate properties, it's just a hobby. Andrew's passion is being able to look at a property and make it shine with some good, hard work.

Andrew Hutchings of Long Beach, California is known to everyone who works with him as being an incredibly dedicated worker. He has his parents to thank for that, as they instilled an incredible work ethic in him. This led to Andrew working straight after high school. He found his calling in the real estate industry, where he spent almost a decade working with Century 21. While he was working, Andrew earned his undergraduate degree in Business Finance with a concentration in Real Estate from Long Beach State University. When he was 22, Andrew gained his broker's license, and four years later he opened his office.

When he isn't working, Andrew's main hobbies are traveling and spending time with his main love: his family. If you happen to find him in the few moments of downtime, you can find Andrew looking for a new wristwatch to collect.

To read more about Andrew Hutchings, explore his websites, andrewhutchingslongbeach.com, andrewhutchingslongbeach.net, and andrewhutchingslongbeach.org!

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Andrew Hutchings | Long Beach, California

Andrew Hutchings Long Beach is a well-known real estate professional with forty years of experience in his field. Andrew Hutchings Long Beach is known for his astounding home renovations.

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