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Selling online through affiliates | case study

My special review about selling through affiliates

By ghadermPublished 10 months ago 5 min read

Digital Marketing getting bigger and many people are starting to work in this industry every month this high competition made a lot of them search for solutions to avoid it and sell their digital products

One of these solutions is selling with affiliates because you can reach more people and of course, reaching more people means more of sells but are things easy and profitable like that for everyone? Well in this article you will see my experience with this matter and what works for you

So you will see some questions that will help you understand everything about digital marketing and selling with affiliates, of course, everything mentioned here is based on my experience & research so let's start

Your product:

the main question that you need to answer before starting selling with affiliates is what do you want to sell with affiliates? Because your product will determine if affiliates will be interested in promoting it or not

To be more specific do you want to sell an ebook? Course? Or are you a programmer and want to sell software that helps some people in some cases

When you read these examples the first thing that will get to your mind is "hey I can make an ebook" this is the main case here because you should ask yourself why do affiliate marketers will promote my ebook? To make everything clear let's see my experience with this matter

When I decided to sell with affiliates I created an ebook that contains courses about SEO, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and many other methods that help to get traffic to websites and grow business

After that, I published my ebook on the warrior plus marketplace but from 117 affiliates who visits my product only 28 requests to promote it and there were about 13 beginners in them

I waited for a week but I didn't make any sales (we will see why later) so I decided to put some effort into promoting it by myself without affiliates and I made two sales in about one month

I shared my experience with you here to let you know that your product should be unique to attract affiliates and make sales also I noticed that products that help users and make their life better with lower effort are the products that make more sales

To make everything clear let's take this example: when I was searching in the warrior plus marketplace I noticed that software that helps users to grow their business is the most product that made sales and attract affiliates to it but of course, it should be unique too

The affiliates:

Now we will talk about what affiliates you wanna work with it and this is a very important thing you should think about because it will determine if you are reaching the right people or not

I think you got the hint here because when you search for affiliates you should care about their audience, not the affiliates themselves, and here you'll know why I couldn't make a sale with warrior plus affiliates

Let's think about it a little bit, warrior plus affiliates have their audience and they wanna help their audience in their businesses, of course, they helped them a lot until now so you can notice that software is the product promoted by warrior plus because they always give new things to people or even improve old things and that means they help people to grow their business more and more

On the other hand, when you see my product you will notice that it helps people who struggle with building their business or beginner people so I didn't target the right audience here because as I said before, most of them have their business so affiliates didn't care about my product

Here I want you to ask yourself if the affiliates will be interested in your product or if their audience needs your product and of course, if you work hard on your product and make it unique in a way that helps big business owners then affiliates will be interested in promoting it

In my case, I didn't try hard very much so I decided to target the right affiliates and the right audience using warrior plus itself and now I will show you how I am planning to do it

My plan to solve this problem?

Simply I will target affiliates outside warrior plus and ask them to promote my digital product to their audience by joining warrior plus so I have my affiliate network to pay commission to them and because warrior plus is a common site, I can have their trust

Of course, when I will target affiliates, I will target people who have a fresh audience or a beginner audience and by that my ebook will help them to build their online business in the right way

Now you will ask me how I will find those affiliates. Will simply by using social media and forums because there are a lot of people like that there and if you want to do like me, don't spam other people, just give value to the Facebook group or the forum or whatever and then ask their admin for help and of course, I will share my results with you as soon as possible so stay tuned


Many people want to start Selling online through affiliates but not all of them know how to be successful with this matter because there are a lot of factors that influence this and I shared my experience with you in this article to help you succeed 

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