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Rice Types in Pakistan

8 types of Rice

By USA Rice worldPublished 2 months ago 5 min read
Rice Types in pakistan


Pakistan's rich culinary tapestry is made up of several new rice varieties. Tables all around the world have been ornamented among fertile farms and waving leaves. Rice types in Pakistan are a testament to both nature's brilliance and the imagination of its inhabitants. From the enticing comfort of Basmati to the adaptive simplicity of Sella, there is something for everyone. Each grain has a unique tale that has been passed down through the hands of many generations.

Rice manufacturing is regarded as a sort of art in Pakistani kitchens, where it serves as an additional form of meal. Basmati, with its gorgeous smell and simple particles, is the crown jewel and magnificent masterpiece that has enchanted palates for millennia.

Let's look at the various rice types in Pakistan. Where every grain has a story to tell and every meal is a testament to the power of pure, unadulterated flavor.

List of Rice Varieties in Pakistan

In Pakistan, rice cultivars are classified into three types: Basmati, IRRI, and Cold tolerant. Basmati rice has a lovely aroma and fine, long grains. It is popular in the Punjab area. Sindh province is the primary producer of medium-long-grain IRRI rice. Cold-tolerant rice is brilliantly colored, short-grained, and suited for cold areas. Furthermore, the following are some of the most common rice varieties in Pakistan:

1.Super Basmati

2.Basmati 385

3.PK 386

4.1121 Basmati

5.Basmati D-98 / PK-198

6.Brown Rice



1. Introducing Super Basmati: The Smell of Perfection

Super Basmati is the pinnacle of Pakistani rice, and its name is a byword for refinement and subtle smells. This prestigious cultivar, which is grown in the fertile soil of Pakistan, has thinly long grains that emit a tempting smell. Super Basmati takes you back to its spot of birth with every mouthful. Where the skill of nature meets the highest standards of cuisine. Super Basmati is a memorial to the beautiful service of Pakistani rice, providing an unparalleled experience.

2. Basmati 385: A Bouquet of Flavours and an Ensemble of scents

The flexible masterpiece and genuine culinary master Basmati 385 stands out in the illustrious history of Pakistani rice. A medley of scents wakes your senses with each inhalation of one of its long, delicate grains. The flavors that Basmati 385 imports from Pakistan's highlands go amazingly well with a range of dishes. This variety tells a rich story that is likely to leave a long-lasting impression on palates all across the world. Whether it is the centerpiece of a decadent biryani or the foundation of a warm rice dish.

3. PK 386: The Pinnacle of Diversity

In the vibrant and brilliant mixture of Pakistani rice, PK 386 stands out as a flexible genius. It is a grain that adapts readily to any recipe. Its medium-grain structure, which is adorned with a sweet scent, opens the door for a wide range of imaginative experimentation. Whether it is exquisitely steamed or prepared as a flavorful biryani. Each dish that PK 386 garnishes gains a certain flair as a result. This sort of rice, which typifies Pakistani cuisine, has earned its rightful place as a fixture in the kitchen.

4. 1121 Basmati: The Royal Gem of Smell and Flavour 1121 Basmati

The fertile soils of Pakistan are the source of the 1121 varieties of Basmati rice. It stands out as the best rice type in Pakistan. The grains are long, delicate, and have a perfume that is both seductive and evocative because of the precise attention with which they are grown. From first glimpse to last taste, the 1121 Basmati experience is out of the ordinary, elevating every supper into a formal affair. This kind evokes wealth and extravagance and leaves a lasting impact on the lips and palates of connoisseurs everywhere.

5. Basmati D-98 / PK-198

commonly referred to as PK-198, basmati D-98. In Pakistan's verdant fields, there is a tranquil fusion of traditional culture and contemporary farming practices. Its carefully cultivated grains, which have a distinctive flavor and smoothness, set it apart from other varieties of rice. Basmati D-98 is a well-liked alternative for both traditional recipes and cutting-edge cooking techniques because of its distinctive combination.

6. Brown Rice: A Wholesome Blessing from Nature

of the numerous varieties of rice types in Pakistan. When looking for nutrient-rich food, brown rice stands out as an exceptional illustration of the beauty of nature. It retains the gritty layer and isn't treated or refined, giving it a notable satisfying texture and nutty flavor. Because it is packed with healthy fiber and vital nutrients, brown rice is a commitment to wellbeing and health. This selection highlights the many gifts of nature and provides a beautiful path to a healthier way of living. Whether it's a hearty bowl to serve as the main course of your meal or a colorful substitute for salads and stir-fries.

7. IRRI-9

IRRI-9 takes its place as the obedient employee. In Pakistan's busy kitchens, a basic that forms the basis of many meals. Due to its medium-grain texture and natural capacity to absorb flavors, it serves as a blank canvas for culinary inspiration. High level of consistency is shown in IRRI-9. Whether it is added to a tasty cuisine as a side dish or cooked into a flavorful pulao. In homes across Pakistan, it is a revered and trusted culinary symbol that has been forgotten. And a demonstration of the enduring influence of good taste and purity.

8. KS-282: A Concerto of Simpleness and Taste

In a vast assortment of rice types, the rice variety KS-282 stands out as a concerto of taste and simplicity. Its mild odor and medium-grain texture form the foundation for many delectable recipes. A versatile palette for culinary innovation is offered by KS-282. Whether it's a hot serving of steamed rice or a flavorful side dish. This option is a perfect example of simple but delicious food in its purest form. proving the allure of plain, straightforward flavor both domestically and internationally.


The numerous rice types in Pakistan are proof of the country's vibrant culinary tradition. Each grain has its own story to tell, from the aromatic allure of Super Basmati to the dependable elegance of IRRI-6. The cornerstone of Pakistani food preparation also serves as this. Additionally, these rice varieties provide a gateway for the rest of the world to sample the true flavors of the area.


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