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Real Estate App Development Guide: Features, Process, and Cost

by Yogesh Kumar 2 months ago in apps
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3D virtual tours, AI chatbots, street views, & advanced search are the main features of real estate app development. The cost of real estate app development is around $10,000-$70,000.

How long does it take to buy a dream home? You must know that it takes time to buy such a home. You have to go to the location, check all the documents, compare the homes with that of other locations, and go through many exhausting processes. Real estate app development is a solution to all the exhausting tasks of dealing with real estate.

Whether you are planning to develop a real estate app, want an app to manage your property, or buy and sell homes and properties, apps are great helpers. Around 97% of customers searched online to buy homes during 2020 and most of them used their phones for the same.

The real estate market is constantly changing. Now people like to buy and deal in real estate online. people used to prefer buying homes manually or going to the location not online. But, the process changed after the Pandemic.

Benefits of Having a Real Estate App?

There are several benefits of having a Real Estate app if you want to do business in this sector. You can read some of them below.

Quick Process:

As you know that finding a tenant, location, buying, and selling a home is a lengthy process, so, an app can ease the process. Even you will not have to exhaust wandering in the streets looking for a home and getting stuck with deceitful brokers. Just, use an app, and find a home in a few minutes.

24/7 Availability:

A chatbot for real estate apps plays a crucial role to improve customer engagement. Gone are the days, when you have to wait for a reply from the website or app. Now conversational AI is used in apps that can reply to your queries 24/7 hours. You can buy a home at any time from the comfort of your location.

Better Customer Experience:

How many people you can reach without a real estate app? Maybe thousands. But, with the help of an app, you can reach billions of people and offer them a better experience. Many emerging technologies in 2022 are shaping the future of Real Estate because users can have virtual home tours, street views, and more due to it.

Automation of Routine Task:

The agents can automate their tasks which are generally time-consuming and exhausting. The information about the property can be auto-filled. Likewise, quick replies by a custom ai chatbot automate the routine task. Moreover, customers can receive and submit documents in a short time.

Look at the below image to know which are the most popular Real Estate apps till October 2021.

If you want to hire a real estate app development company to build apps like Zillow. It's important to know the features a successful Real Estate app must-have.

Crucial Features of Real Estate Application

Emerging technologies in real estate are working like wonders, especially AI and AR. That is why most of the features in Real Estate apps are based on these technologies. You can better understand by knowing the features below.

3D Virtual House Tours:

3D virtual house tours are also called 360° real estate tours and Virtual Tours. It enhances the user experience with audio, text, and graphics. Real Estate apps like Zillow offer such types of tours to their customers which is why it is a popular app in this sector.

AI Chatbot:

Chatbot development for real estate plays a crucial role in the success of an app. That is why it is the fastest-growing brand communication channel. As per Drift 2020’s report, AI chatbot uses increased by 92% since 2019.

Augmented Reality:

Presentation of homes’ interior and exterior has become more impressive and realistic with Augmented Reality. Customers can have a home of their choice by seeing the AR interior designs and furniture. Moreover, this technology helps to increase trust and ultimately traffic on the app.

Navigation & Street View:

If you want to buy a property or home, you can have a street view and know about the location near your property. It's a crucial feature in Real Estate apps these days as it gives the best user experience and satisfaction with the property. Google street view is the best example to know about it more.

Advanced Search:

You must know about the apps like Trulia, they are useful to have solutions to real estate matters. Trulia is an app for real estate listings, homes for sale, housing data, and others. It has features of advanced search that offer fast, intelligent, and relevant search. Likewise, it saves the effort and time of the customers.

A top mobile app development company can include all the above features in your app. But it's very important to know what is the process of Real estate app development. Have a look below

Real Estate App Development Process

Application development estimated time is 3-9 months. It is because different enterprises want different features in their apps so development time varies. But, some basic features are crucial in a real estate app. The development process depends on features and app type. Know about the Real Estate app types first because it defines your purpose for having an app.

Real Estate App Types


Apps for Realtors simplify the process of communication with clients. They can have all the documents digitally and reduce the paperwork. Whether you are renting, buying, or selling, homes, the app makes the process easy.

Household Management:

You can know the current state of houses and apartments through the household management app. It helps to track the information for renting and selling homes.

Property Listing:

Customers can see the list of houses and apartments in the property listing app. The use of this type of app reduces the hectic work to choose the best option for home.

Property Management:

Property management includes various tasks like documentation, organization, and centralization of property. It manages tenants, vendors, and owners. You can develop such an app to scale up your business.

Buying & Renting Home:

This is a common type of app in which you can buy and rent homes. If you develop apps like Zillow, you can provide the best platform to the customers for buying and renting homes.

There are some features that your Real Estate apps must have.


The registration process on your app should be simple and short. Moreover, allow the integration of social networking accounts of the clients with emails. Also, make sure the unauthorized accounts don’t get access.


A separate account should be available for agents and clients. The look and features of the accounts can vary as per their works. Allow the access to broker’s profile as it is crucial to check his credibility, ratings, and properties.


The database is an important part of your Real Estate app. It's a core part of an app to store information related to properties, documents, credentials, and others. An app must be scalable and robust to handle a huge amount of data.

Property Profile:

This is an important feature in a real estate app because the customers check different properties and homes here. Add clear pictures and descriptions of the properties that include address and cost, and other important information.

Agent Listing:

Agent listing must have names, phone numbers, location, rating, source of credibility, and most importantly the list of properties. Property listing in the USA has one issue. It is, there is no standardized format and a single database. Around 900 MLSs in America, so using one API for all can be a challenging task.


How to search for the right property? For this, a list of properties and filters is important. They make the search process easy and quick. Likewise, advanced search and sorting of the properties provide better choices.


You can see the nearby location with the help of a map. It facilitates finding the home according to your convenience. Like, you find a home near your office location, school of the children, and hospital in the area.

Price Calculator:

Real estate apps like Zillow have a price calculator facility. Through which you can calculate the price of the home and property. You can have an estimation of prices and make a decision accordingly. Even interest rates in different banks can also be seen in real estate apps.

Push Notification:

Push notifications are necessary these days because they remind you about specific events that you may miss out on. These events are new homes for buying and selling, changes in price, and more.


Allow the customers to make their list of favorites. It will help them to buy the best from their favorites. It is one of the crucial real estate app features that save the time and effort of the users.

If you are thinking to make a real estate app, you must be aware of business opportunities in it. The below write-up will make you aware of the same.

Business Opportunities in Real Estate Application Development

Traditional reliance on photos and simple videos is no more relevant. Now people want to have a more realistic and interesting view of the property, even staying at home. The demands and needs of the people opened new opportunities for businesses in real estate. Have a look at some interesting facts below to understand the business opportunities in real estate app development.

  • 76% of people use mobile phones to search for properties.
  • Buyers spent less time in house-hunting after 2019 than before.
  • Around 50% of buyers find their homes online.
  • 95% of Realtors check emails on daily basis.
  • And more than 55% of Realtors use social media.
  • Moreover, 69% have real estate websites.

Knowing of the business opportunities in the Real estate app will help you to make the right decision. Now move ahead to know about the real estate app development cost.

How Much Does Real Estate App Development Cost?

The cost of a real estate app is somewhere between $10,000-$70,000. But the exact price depends on the complexity level of the project. It is defined as per the requirements of the client. If he wants innovative features and trending designs the app development cost can be high.

You can check the cost of three categories of app

Simple App: $10,000-$30,000

Medium App: $30,000-$40,000

Complex App: $40,000-$70,000


Buying residential and commercial property is always a difficult task. But Real estate apps have made it easy and quick. Although you have to finally see the property going to the location, you can complete most of the work online and save time.


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