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How to Develop an Android App?

by Yogesh Kumar 4 months ago in how to
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Android app development is an easy process if you focus on some points. Read the blog to know how to develop an Android app easily.

Are you planning to consider a career in coding? If yes, you can find the development world a little confusing at first. It is because several things roam in your mind before choosing the right Operating System. Once you have decided on it, you will have to think of how to begin because the beginning is always difficult in coding. Likewise, logic development takes away your major time.

But, this write-up will help you and make the Android app development easy for you. Since you know Android app users are more than any other OS, it can infuse a wave of confidence in you for choosing Android as a career option. It will bring more opportunities for you.

Consumer spending on mobile has shown a perpetual increase in 2021. It is 20% higher than 2020, which is 133 billion. So, if you are thinking to make a career in Android app development, it's the right time.

But, how to begin Android app development when you are a novice to the technology?

Here you go!

Why Should You Learn Android App Development?

It is the first question that should come to your mind before you actually start Android app development. It will help you understand the purpose of going for development. Moreover, it will clear your vision regarding future opportunities. So, have a look at the reasons to choose Android app development services.

1. App Development:

Android users have around 3.48 million apps in the Google Play store to choose from. It means there is a huge demand for Android apps. Many businesses look for the best developers for their on-demand app development projects.

2. Develop Tools for Yourself:

If you know Android development, it can help you personally. You can build a tool to make your work easy. Likewise, you can make tools for specific tasks and expedite the work to get the most out of it.

3. Huge Device Market Share:

Android mobile operating system covers around 71.7% market of smartphone users according to the latest data by Statcounter. So, it is clear that you will get more opportunities to develop Android apps. More number of Android smartphone users will lead to more demand for Android apps.

4. Easy Entry into the Development World:

Learning Android is easy therefore, you will not have to face many difficulties to enter the world of development. You can begin easily by working on simple tasks and learning things fast. Well, learning is easy, but you can face little difficulty while enhancing your skills.

5. Many Online Courses:

A lot of aspiring coders have issues, that where and how to learn the development. But Android developers don’t have to take tension for it because there are many online courses through which you can learn development easily.

6. Several Job Opportunities:

If you know Android app development, you can get a job in a good mobile app development company. Numerous MNCs are looking for developers to work on their projects. So, as a career option, Android can prove the best one.

7 Simple Steps for Beginners to Start Android Development

You have to focus on some important steps for proper Android app development because the right start can lead to a proper finish. Here are the steps by professionals to make your coding journey easy.

1. Choose the Programming Language:

Often, you struggle with the question that “Which programming language is the best for app development?” Programming language is the base of any app development. Likewise, it facilitates and expresses algorithms precisely. Find which type of mobile app you want to build because then you can decide on the programming language. The types of apps are as follows.

  • Native
  • Cross-platform
  • Web apps
  • Responsive
  • Progressive

2. Set Up the Development Environment:

You need an Android software development kit (SDK). It is language-specific, so, if you want to write code in JAVA, Kotlin, Python, Go, C++, or any other programming language, you need to install SDK. Now, install Android SDK using the command line tools and enable USB debugging on your device.

But make sure you download proper development kits because there are some separate setup files for Windows, Linux, and macOS.

3. Create a New Project:

If you are opening the Android studio for the first time, it will show the welcome screen. Now, you can click on “Start a new Android Studio project”. However, if you have a project opened already, then click on File>New>New Project. Choose the type of project you want to create. The next step is configuring your project.

4. Create an Activity:

Activity is one of the important building blocks of Android. An activity has a life cycle so there are some steps for it like create, start, resume, pause, stop, and destroy. You have to write the below-given points.

  • onCreate(): It is called when the activity is first time created.
  • onStart(): The activity becomes visible to the user after using this activity.
  • onResume(): It is called when activity is visible to the user and he can interact.
  • onPause(): It is called when activity is not visible due to resuming the previous activity.
  • onStop(): When activity is not visible when another activity takes place.

There are many other tasks also performed that you will need for the development.

5. Make a Layout:

It is crucial to make the code manageable because you can make mistakes if you see a lot of code. Moreover, the changes become cumbersome and difficult. So, always make a layout of the codes. It makes writing programs easy for you. And don't forget to write comments for understandable tasks.

6. Implement Event Handlers:

Event handling is one of the crucial steps to verifying user input, user actions, and browser actions. You can control the things done on page load with the event handlers. First of all register a handler, for this, use the addEventHandler() method. The event handler is helpful to execute other functions, spawn threads, and timer-based code execution.

7. Use UI Tools & Templates:

Once you are done making an app, you may think it is simple or not attractive. You have to use some UI and UX tools to design the app. There are many front-end tools and frameworks to beautify the app. But, make sure, you decide on the designs first and then start coding. It will save you from getting confused and devoting a lot of time to coding.

What After the First Android Project?

If you are completed your first project, now you must be thinking about what to do next. Although your app is completed, there is a lot of work still needs to be done on it. Know what are these works.

  • Work on the App Size
  • Optimize Networking
  • Optimize Screen Size
  • Optimize Offline Model
  • Set up Emergency SOS and Medical Info
  • Work on Threads
  • Use StringBuilder

Frequently Asked Questions of Android Beginners

When you are a novice to Android app development, you have a lot of questions. We are highlighting some of the questions in the space below.

What is the difference between iOS and Android?

Android is an Operating system that can run on any device whereas iOS runs only on Apple devices. iOS blocks third-party app stores while Google doesn’t block third-party app stores. Android is an open-source system while iOS is not.

Is Android development a good career option in 2022?

Android developers are in high demand. Many businesses want to grow and need a strong and scalable online presence. For this, they need to hire Android app developers more than they hire iOS developers. So, yes, Android development is a good career option in 2022.

Is Android development still in demand?

It is worth learning Android development because there is a high demand for Android developers. Since the number of Android device users is increasing, demand for app development can also increase for Android OS.

How to start developing an Android app?

You need to learn programming languages like C++, Kotlin, Java, Python, or others. Furthermore, you need to install an Android development Kit to create a development environment. Create an activity, configure the project, and use event handlers.

How much is the cost of Android app development?

An app development depends on many factors like the size of the project, complexity level, features, and functions. So the price also depends on these factors. An estimated Android app development price is $10,000-$50,000.


Learning Android app development can open a door to various opportunities in your career. Android apps are in demand because they are simple, flexible, and attractive. Moreover, you can learn about Android development with no or less sweat.

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