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Pakistani Singer Slaps Comedian Over "Honeymoon" Question On Live Show

Pakistani Singer Slaps Comedian Over "Honeymoon" Question On Live Show

By prashant soniPublished about a month ago 3 min read
Pakistani Singer Slaps Comedian Over "Honeymoon" Question On Live Show
Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Popular Pakistani vocalist Shazia Manzoor slapped comic Sherry Nanha following a warmed trade on the live show. The vocalist showed up on "Public Interest" as a visitor, and before long flipped out after the comic posed her an inquiry about "wedding trip".

The video of the episode is circulating around the web on the web. In the video, Mr Nanha facetiously inquired, "After we get hitched, Shazia, I will promptly take you to Monte Carlo for our special first night. Might you at any point let me in on which class you need to join in?," Manzoor became angered and the startling fight resulted.

The vocalist struck the entertainer on different occasions and alluded to him as a "second rate class" person.

"Last time I depicted my go about as a trick and concealed it yet this time I'm significant, Is this the way that you talk with the women? you are saying 'Special night'. This is the way that you converse with ladies?"

Have Mohsin Abbas Haider interceded and harshly reminded Nanha to stay on track and keep away from impromptu creation to forestall such occurrences

The artist stomped out of the studio and said she could at no point ever show up on the show in the future.

The video has ignited hypothesis with respect to the episode's validness, inciting some to address whether it was prearranged.

Remarking on the video, a client stated, "Most likely, that has been created or adjusted for the stage and invented for an ideal impression! estimated one onlooker. "It ended up being a trick eventually."

Another client remarked, "Naah it's Prearranged."

"It ended up being a trick eventually," the third client composed.

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