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My Social Media Nightmare

by Nerissha Hunt 2 months ago in social media
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by: Nerissha Hunt

A hacker is a person who has too much time on their hands. They look at a profile and decide whether its an easy target and then they go after it. How do I know this? Here is my story.

But here is what happened to me. People send us things and we click on them. But this was an unusual experience. I was sent a message on messenger from my cousin’s page saying click on this code to help me get back into my page. I thought nothing of it which was the biggest mistake of my life. Little did I know, my cousin had been hacked from the person that asked me that.

So, me not thinking, I did it. My life changed that very second. I created my page in July 2009 and that page was my entire life and it was gone all in a split second. I informed that person that I couldn’t access my page because I was locked out. They said no you are not locked out of your page.

So, I got an email saying that my email address had been changed. My heart sank that very moment. Everything I have ever done was on that page. I felt so lost. That page meant everything to me.

Unlike most people, I contacted my hacker to tell them how I felt. When I told them my page didn’t bother them, why did they bother it, they said, I’ve been in your account for three months, if you do me a favor, I’ll release it. Since when does the hacker answer the person whose page that they hacked? Most people aren’t bold enough to contact their hacker but I did. I don’t believe in going down without a fight. But it still did no good.

It felt like I had lost my complete identity. But, I didn’t get depressed. My heart was completely broken. I created another page and it was hard to get people to trust me. I wondered why people found it difficult to trust me and then I learned why.

The hacker had been messaging people on messenger asking for money though CashApp. People were beginning to think that I was trying to get money from them but I wasn't. I film the live church services at my church and then, I started receiving messages at the top that 1 minute and certain amounts of seconds were removed from my videos because of copyright violations. I couldn’t win for losing. It was because my videos matched ones from the old profile.

Then, when I thought things couldn’t get any worse, they did. The hacker took over Facebook Messenger. They began sending messages telling people that they could receive a $15,000 grant. I received so many phone calls about that message. I was so aggravated I wanted to turn my phone off and leave it off forever.

I had made constant posts to explain to people to block the other profile so that they wouldn’t receive any more messages. I even went so far as to write Facebook a letter. Facebook never answered my letter and they never shut the profile down. I made a post telling people its sad when someone wants to be you so bad.

Facebook has no customer service number, which is so unprofessional. So, I wrote a letter only to get no response. People commented with multiple comments about who could fix the problem. I tried one person only to discover that he was a fake. I discovered that when I went on YouTube. Everything he showed me, was on there. I had been locked out of Facebook Messenger because of the incident and he claimed he could get me back in.

After watching a YouTube video, I got myself back on Facebook Messenger. So, I told him about himself. He claimed it was his software that helped. I told him that all his little tricks that he claimed to have helped, were on YouTube. He said eventually his software would work. Eventually is crazy because if you are a software expert, there is no eventually, maybe, possibly. You know what you are doing.

I noticed that when I made a post about it on Facebook, unlimited comments came in. People telling me to trust this person, that person, so on and so forth. So I told them all that I will never trust anyone on that particular social media site ever again. The funny thing is, the people with the recommendations werent even active on their own profiles and you cant post on their timeline.

To make matters worse, I found a video about on YouTube that shows how a hacker is able to hijack your page. It confused me because why would a person admit that they knew how to do that? The moral of the story is: One fake message can be the start of a never-ending nightmare.

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About the author

Nerissha Hunt

I am 38 years old. What people think inside their minds, I say out loud. I have a unique writing style. I think that when you write a story, it should have a concept behind it.

We all have a creative side, so, show it. Dare to be different.

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  • Talia Devoraabout a month ago

    Thank you for sharing. This hits home, because I’ve been hacked twice this year. It’s definitely a traumatic moment. People were mad at me, people have unfriended me and people have accused me of being a hacker. It’s definitely not an experience I want people to have. I had to constantly explain to people that it was not me but rather a random male hacker. Your story made me feel less alone!

  • Thank you for sharing! 😊

  • J. Kelly Brito2 months ago

    I feel so lucky I never suffered a hacker attack. I already never loved social media, imagine if I still had to go through all that.

  • Jay,when I write2 months ago

    Ive been quite worried about myself running into a scam I never heard of (mainly in person scams) but I learned as a kid to not trust links from anyone that are weird & to never trust it when someone brings $ up. But, I almost stumble every once and a while. I’m more scared for my mother and grandmother who’d believe a friend has sent a certain link. I’ve been telling them what to look out for on Facebook & in emails because those can be tricky. Best of luck to you. Sorry this happened. It’s truly a shame that people are so mean.

  • Eyitemi Nurain2 months ago

    I am an ethical hacker. However this method is called social engineering. You can check my profile I recently wrote an article about the dark web.

  • Nicole Carroll2 months ago

    This was interesting!! So sorry that this happened!

  • David Thomas2 months ago

    Yep, I have been hacked before and it is not a great feeling at all.

  • Kendall Defoe2 months ago

    This is a growing problem and we all need to be more alert and diligent. Thank you for this!

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