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Mobile Usability Testing: A Complete Guide

by Ryan Williamson 5 months ago in apps
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Know about benefits, methods, steps, tools and best practices of mobile usability testing.

Mobile usability testing may seem like a complex concept at the outset, but it is really just the testing of the mobile app to ensure that the app’s target users are able to use the app effectively in order to successfully address the intended requirements.

But, what is mobile usability testing?

It refers to the process of simulating how an actual user would use the app- you would agree – you would agree an intuitive and pleasant user experience is at the heart of every app. And, its testing involves factors such as interface experience, performance quality, functionality, navigation, and much more. Therefore, the app development team and QA testers should always ensure that the app drives higher customer engagement and satisfaction by delivering on its predefined functions.

Now, let us go through some key benefits of mobile usability testing:

  1. Affordable option to help corroborate ideas at different stages of the app development process
  2. The quicker companies receive feedback from their mobile app’s test users, the quicker the app can be fixed and released in the market for use by the target audience.

Time to take a look at some popular mobile usability testing methods:

  1. Remote moderated: This type of user testing involves virtually monitoring users in the test group as they engage with the app in real-time. Such testing offers companies the opportunity to further engage with test users, assign supplementary tasks for the testing process, etc. to glean better value from the testing process.
  2. Remote unmoderated: As the name suggests, this type of testing does not involve the company attending the testing process, meaning they must rely on the user-generated metrics, recordings, etc. to analyse the testing process.
  3. In-person testing: This type of user testing process involves test users testing the mobile app in the presence of the company’s team and employees.

Steps in mobile usability testing:

  1. Plan: To ensure the success of the testing process, make sure that you do not start the process without first establishing clear goals. What that means is it is imperative to take the time to first understand what you intend to achieve when you set out tasks for test users. A good advice to follow here is to be careful with participant selection for the test group.
  2. Test: At this stage, you adopt one of the three aforementioned methods of mobile usability testing.
  3. Analyze: After the testing is through, it is also important to take the time to analyse the results to achieve actionable insights.

Here are some tools you can use:

  1. Usertesting: Use this one to help identify any potential issues in the mobile app’s UX. It is also used to help build a robust UX/UI strategy for the mobile app.
  2. Invision: This one enables development teams to rapidly build the app’s design and then prototype the app based on those designs.
  3. Userlytics: This nifty tool can be used to remotely run app user experience tests, no matter the type of app involved.

Let us wrap it with some best practices:

  1. Test on multiple devices: In order to truly understand the app’s performance, it is imperative to test the app across different devices running on various OS platforms.
  2. Different environments: Make sure that test users engage with the app across a variety of environments, including places with substandard connectivity.
  3. If your strategy involves in-person testing, it would be a good idea to ensure participants do not have the time to become acquainted with the app, not even a little. This will help ensure you get authentic feedback about the app.

It is not only important to undertake mobile usability testing but also to get it right. Hence, you should hire an expert mobile testing services provider to see you achieve the best possible value out of the process.


About the author

Ryan Williamson

A professional & security-oriented programmer having more than 6 years of experience in designing, implementing, testing & supporting mobile apps developed. Being techno geek, I love to read & share about the latest updates in technology.

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