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Is Gumroad a scam? Discussing the Legitimacy of Selling On Gumroad

by Aamir Kamal 5 days ago in product review

A Gumroad review.

Is Gumroad a scam or a legit website? A Review by Aamir Kamal

A Brief overview on Gumroad

It is easy making money when you do what you love thanks to Gumroad. In case you have a movie, book, comic, craft, podcast, class, or any other creative work you feel like sharing with the world, put it up for sale for up to 5 minutes with Gumroad; this is an online platform that allows writers, artists, and other content creators sell their projects.

Before you consider Gumroad as your go-to platform for earning money, be aware that contrary to creating a product that takes less time, making sales will require effort, time, and know-how.

Gumroad can be very helpful in selling digital products. First, they promise to sell digital products without any extra coding on any blog or website which is true. What you have to do is simply create the product of interest on Gumroad; do this by uploading a digital product featuring an attractive preview image then write a short description about it- it is okay to use more than one image.

After this step, get the auto-generated link which you can add anywhere on the website. That is all it takes; this allows your customers to directly purchase the product on your website without necessarily jumping over to Gumroad. Remember that this step is safe and secure.

One major advantage of using Gumroad to sell digital products is that it allows you to get all the information about your customer. This approach is better than utilizing a third-party solution or a ‘middleman’ like Amazon. It is recommended especially when creating an email list and even when you want to keep giving out value to customers’ after-sale; use ConvertKit to build an email list.

I have seen some very bad reviews about Gumroad on Quora on this thread In my view, Gumroad is a very legit website and there are a lot of people making a good amount of money through uploading their digital assets on Gumroad and then selling them in large.

Gumroad and Amazon:

Gumroad is better than Amazon since the latter doesn’t let you know who your customers are and instead keeps that information for themselves for their marketing and relationship efforts. Additionally, the pricing in Gumroad is fair IMHO; get a completed e-commerce solution for just to $10/mo. to cater to your unlimited number of products.

Gumroad has an appealing stats feature that you will love. Apart from seeing stuff like how many views and purchases are made for each product, you get to see where all the sales came from, for instance, the sales may be from your website, google, or probably an email which someone forwarded to someone else.

There is always an active and extremely enthusiastic development team that pushes the product. The support always quick and they are also very active on Twitter. This has been one of the perks that stands out the most according to Gumroad reviews since if there is no one running the show and always updating the product, then it is not worth investing time and money into.

Categories of people to benefit from Gumroad

Even with all the advantages, Gumroad is great for individuals with only a handful of digital products they want to sell. However, for people who have several products that number to the hundreds plus it will be more difficult to utilize this platform efficiently. The reason behind this being the organizational structure of products featured in Gumroad is still wanting. All the products are always listed in the order of uploads without a clean method of tagging or regrouping them as per their category. It is easy to tag but the issue is there is no way of organizing them. Thanks to the search bar it won’t be difficult to find out the exact stuff you are looking for.

Other reviews on Gumroad suggest the need for better customization features for pop-ups that get triggered on the owner’s site whenever someone makes clicks on the buy button. Besides, any user should match the visual designs of their site as much as they see fit. There are few adjustments to be made like the button color for instance however it is not much needed currently.

A Gumroad review:

When going through most reviews about Gumroad, most people want to know whether Gumroad is the right platform for them. It is easier to approach this question in two ways: the type of people this product is meant for and the other group which Gumroad won’t be useful.

Gumroad is the better option for you if you are the content creator and if you want to spend most of your time coming up with superb products and not struggling with other technical aspects of the website. Choose Gumroad and it will be super easy and fast to integrate.

For individuals who have only one product to sell, Gumroad is the ultimate solution since it is simple and so lightweight compared to one that has hundreds of products to sell. Besides, it is not practical to either buy or subscribe to a more expensive and complex e-commerce platform that targets only huge businesses when there is a simpler alternative like this that exists.

For people who haven’t sold anything online before, then using Gumroad to sell digital products will be so much simpler because anyone can do it. There should not be any worries concerning issues like collection and processing of payment because they will take care of it.

What about those that don’t have a website? It is a pretty big deal but worries not since Gumroad has got you covered. You don’t need a blog, or a website to place Gumroad links; it works as well on other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest as well.

Categories of people to miss out on Gumroad

Despite all such wonderful reviews about Gumroad, it is not for everyone too. For example, in case you are only selling physical products and not downloadable digital products, Shopify will be the better option for your needs.

If you are looking for a slick or super-clean online store, it is better to stick to Shopify since a slick storefront is among the range of products they offer. Gumroad on the contrary only allows you to sell your digital products on your existing blog or website or any social media account but it doesn’t give you the ability to come up with an online store.

Again, if you have hundreds to thousands of digital products to sell, it is better to settle for a data-driven platform since Gumroad requires a single digital product put up for sale.

I hope this helps.

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