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Cardieo Smart Watch Review: Is It Is a Scam Or Legit?

Cardieo smartwatch review.

Cardieo Smart Watch Review: Is It Is a Scam Or Legit?
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Before writing about that is it legit or a scam firstly I am going to put a little bit light on that what actually cardieo is. Cardieo is an online retailer that appears to be selling a new watch brand, Cardieo. As the website has been promoting recently, I'm sure you might have come across advertisements on Facebook ads or any other sites.

Okay so in this article I will be telling you that is it legit or a scam, I just test the site in this analysis and after taking a look at the site, I have already found the site to be a fraudulent retail website that is after the cash of people. Do not order from this online shop to stop wasting your money or being swindled. For those with concerns like what Cardieo is and is it fake or real, below are some fraud signs to better satisfy your curiosity. So starting with signs that really proved that this site and their products are not real in some ways:


The website uses advertising pictures that it steals from other websites that relate to other brands. There is no Cardieo smartwatch, the site is just stealing pictures and using them to try to make you think they have their own brand, but in fact, this is just a scheme to try and get your cash to the site to give information on your credit card. They market one Cardieo watch and yet the same watch has distinct looks, which are all distinct products that they believe to be better, like Apple smartwatch. The pictures are literally copied from other places.

False Assessments

Also, the reviews on the web are false. They are all rated at 5 stars and we all know that except for brands that do very well, for them it is not feasible so how should we believe that this new website had earned such ratings in such a short time. The site is still too fresh and, as per the reports, no one has purchased and earned the watch as much they claim.

Site time period

Even, the online shop is too fresh to believe. If we looked them up and pointed out that in the month of May the site was registered in 2020. You cannot see someone else purchased because the site is actually fresh and just started ads.

There's no licensed entity connected to the location. Nor do they have any details of co-tact. The phone number they have given is bogus and you can contact them and you can't reach them yet. Faults in the watch:

By researching thee people are not really happy with the features

Faults in the watch:

By researching thee people are not really happy with the features and how they work. For example, the heartbeat it shows is not consistent and it's constantly monitoring your heart rate so you have to wait for it to load Also is show the blood pressure readings even when it is not on your body. If it is not on your body how it just shows the blood pressure reading (silly thing). Also, It didn't have an OLED display, 1P68 display, or GPS, and sometimes the fault that customers face was that it just automatically disconnect from your phone and takes a lot of time to connect again. It does not live up to any of the promises listed in any of the advertising.

It's undoubtedly not waterproof. Time is often in the context of 24 hours. With a swipe of the keyboard, which is distracting, the clock screen is easily changed. In grid shape, the menu display is not as wide as the visuals display and not user friendly. For calls and audio, the frequency is very poor. Messages from the phone will not be responded to.

The bid for sale is not a true offer for sale so it doesn't expire. And the site claims that there are minimal supplies and only 12 can be delivered to your town. First of all, why is there a cap to where it is shipped? Any number can be dispatched somewhere by a corporation. And they don't change the number. If someone tells you that this watch is fine, they're lying. Their customer support agents do not really recognize their own commodity or promise a really friendly policy. It does not communicate very well with Android phones, and while most apps work a little bit of glitch.

Reviews of Cardieo Smartwatch:

Sonic reviews I am going to show you about that watch so it will be easier for you people to understand whether you should buy it or not:

Kenneth 0 Ruke Review about Cardieo Smartwatch:

She said that in my short experience with the product (just tried it today after waiting more than 3 1/2 weeks for delivery) is that the interface is crude. You can't run one app, go to another, and expect that the first will still be running. For example, I went on my bike, so turned the bike app on which appears to be nothing more than a clock to track your time. I then went to check, my heart rate, and when I went back to the bike app.

The heart rate, BP, and blood oxygen levels are all over the map, and none correlate to my BP monitor at home which 1 know to be accurate - 3 completely different readings in a row, and each off by 10% or more from the last readings, It's a toy that looks like an Apple watch, but hey - you get what you pay for!

My opinion about Cardieo Smartwatch:

So by researching by reading a comment by experiencing I would definitely going to say that this watch is really a scam and people should not waste their money on such crap. They should better save money better wait have some patience and should buy a real legit watch and should invest their money in real legit products, not in such crap, and should satisfy their selves and live happily.

I hope this helps.

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Aamir Kamal
Aamir Kamal
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