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Is Buying a Second Hand Mobile a better decision?

by Deepak Agarwal 2 months ago in mobile

Yes, Buying second hand mobile is a good decision. But there are certain things and some reasons and factors to look out for before buying a used mobile phone.

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As second hand mobiles are easily available in the market at low cost but are they worth the cost?

Why there is still fear in people before buying second hand mobile phones? What are the things to look out for? Let’s find out.

Why to buy second hand mobile phones?

Buying second hand mobile can save you a lot of money. Not everybody can afford high-budget mobile phones. But you can still buy the high-budget mobile phone within your budget if you wish to buy a used mobile phone.

Because nowadays second hand mobile phones come in good shape like you can’t differentiate between a used phone and unused phone, Second hand mobile phones come as good as new mobile phones with low cost.

Things to look out for while buying a used mobile phone

1. Stolen Phones: Verify used mobile phone with a proper and valid document. If it doesn’t have a proper document or valid document then try not to buy the used mobile phone.

2. Physical Verification of the used Phone

• Check whether the used phone is damaged or not.

• Check whether the used phone is charging or not.

• Check whether USB port working or not.

• Check for Internal damage or Internal damage.

• Check for original battery and internal slots.

3. Fake phones: Check whether the phone is original or not because there are lot of Chinese and Korean mobile phones look like the famous branding company. But in reality, it might be the clone version of that brand which is of very low quality.

4. Price: Check the price of your used phone that you are about to buy. Check if the same used mobile phone is available lesser in other sites.

When to buy a used mobile phone?

• When you are low on budget.

• When you plan to save extra money.

• When you want to buy your dream smartphone within your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I sell my old phone for best price?

You can sell old mobiles on classified sites like Cifiyah. It is the best site to sell old phones and also you can buy old mobiles at a very friendly and negotiable price.

Just login or register on the website and post an advertisement for selling your old phone mentioning your as well as mobile details and hold your finger crossed. If anyone is interested in buying can contact you directly and you can easily sell and in return get some cash.

Where can you get good second hand gadgets?

You can get good second hand gadgets on classified site. It is the best platform to buy second hand gadgets at a very low and affordable price. As you know most of the mobile companies are not providing accessories with a new smartphone.

You can buy accessories at a very low cost on Cifiyah easily and securely. You can also sell used gadgets very easily by posting a free advertisement on the website for selling your gadget.

Second hand mobile shop in Bhubaneswar

If you want to buy used phones in Bhubaneswar then just search in Google “Second hand mobiles in Bhubaneswar” you can get mobiles available in Bhubaneswar as well as nearby location.

These are the best local stores to buy second-hand phones in Bhubaneswar:

Sure buy Store-The best mobile store in Bhubaneswar, Siripur Square near Mio Amore.

Cell Guru- B/23, Swash Lane, Saheed Nagar, Bhubaneswar

second hand mobiles for sale on cifiyah.com

Where can I buy and sell used mobiles?

The best place to buy and sell second hand mobile online is Classified sites. Classified sites are the best platform for buying and selling used phones as there is a huge number of options and various different brands of mobile phones available. Cifiyah is one of the leading classified sites to buy and sell used mobile phones.

Deepak Agarwal
Deepak Agarwal
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