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IoT Professionals

Learning, Development, And Certification Opportunities

By Dr Mehmet YildizPublished 2 years ago 4 min read
 IoT Professionals
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Learning never ends for the IoT (Internet of Things) solution architects and designers. Continuous learning is of utmost importance for these technology professionals. Business executives rely on the critical decisions of these technology leaders for sales opportunities of multi-billion dollars.

The prominent technology leaders are solution architects and designers. IoT solution architects usually cover breadth rather than depth in developing solutions, as opposed to the designers who are specialists in their domains. This means that solution architects need to understand every aspect of the solution at a high level to lead the technical teams and inform their business stakeholders.

However, an individual can't know everything, especially for a domain like IoT that almost touches every aspect of the technology sector. Therefore, there are times when the IoT solution architects are required to know specialist level information. In this case, solution architects work with specialist designers and subject matter experts (SMEs) to validate their solution components and system building blocks in detail. This interaction fills the gap.

However, some architects working with IoT systems may also want to cover a greater depth and produce more outstanding results in their architectural engagements. They are called T-shaped professionals. For those who wish to cover depth in IoT, learning about additional topics is recommended. They can dive into related domains such as Machine Learning, Data Science, API design, and Middleware development.

There are many emerging interdisciplinary Bachelor of Technology, Master of Science, Informatics, and Computer Engineering degrees focusing on the Internet of Things. These academic IoT courses cover mobile device applications, wearables and ubiquitous sensors, all of which are rapidly emerging with the deployment of new networks and specialized hardware.

In addition to academic degrees, there are also short courses offered by various Universities and training organizations. For example, MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) offers a course titled Internet of Things: Business Implications and Opportunities. There are also many certification courses available, such as Internet of Things (IoT) Certification by Curtin University. For example, the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) offers a course on IoT Future Masterclass, and the University of Oxford offers Data Science for the Internet of Things certification.

These professionals can undertake certifications and education programs available for IoT specialists. Undertaking these courses and certifying the skills can contribute to the efficiency of work in architecting, designing, developing, troubleshooting, and supporting IoT solutions.

From the IoT industry perspective regarding relevant skill sets, several emerging IoT-related digital badges are offered by various companies, such as IBM, Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, PwC, as can be viewed from Credly's Acclaim website.

I came across several certification programs and participated in some of them. The most popular ones on a global scale are Arcitura, Microsoft, and GSTF.

Arcitura Education is a leading global provider of progressive, vendor-neutral training and certification programs. This organization offers a certification program called 'Certified IoT Architect'. Arcitura Education's website claims that: 'A certified IoT architect has demonstrated proficiency in IoT technology architecture, protocols, mechanisms and security, and has acquired specialized skills to assess, design and deliver real-world IoT solutions.

Microsoft is a global vendor providing certification in IoT. For example, the Microsoft Professional Program Certificate in the Internet of Things (IoT) covers specialized topics such as IoT Device Configuration and Communication, IoT Data Analytics, IoT Storage, Business Intelligence for IoT Solutions, Predictive Analytics for IoT Solutions, and IoT Architecture Design and Business Planning.

The course on Certified Internet of Things Professional (CIoTP) by GSTF focuses on the IoT's core technologies. The organization claims that 'This certification leverages and explores the middleware for IoT, Machine Learning for Intelligent IoT, Data Science for Intelligent IoT, Analytic engine for IoT, Big data platform for IoT, API design considerations for IoT, standards and Management of IoT.

IoT is exponentially growing. To improve your knowledge, skills, and competencies, you can find many local courses in your region. Almost every college and university offers courses and certification programs related to IoT.

In addition to reading books and journals, attending formal education courses can help. However, from my experience, the best learning opportunity happens at work with hands-on engagement. Like many technical leaders, when I was architecting IoT solutions, I always had my own lab sponsored by the product vendors.

Many vendors provide free trial software to developers, designers, and architects. In addition, they provide free learning support to IoT professionals. Developing good relationships with vendors can help you stay current and competitive in the technology sector. Technology changes rapidly. Unless you invest in your education, learning, and skill-building, it is impossible to survive and thrive as IoT technical professional.

Thank you for reading my perspectives.

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