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Investing Smarter, Together with Rapunzl

In a world where investment decisions are rarely shared, Rapunzl opens the door to investing smarter, together.

By Jake AronskindPublished 7 years ago 3 min read
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We share advice on everything from our diets to our clothing, but why do we keep our investment decisions to ourselves? Buying clothes can be costly, as well as finding the perfect organic diet to accent your gym membership and smoothie obsession. But investing actually makes you money rather than forcing you to use it. So why are humans inclined to listen to friends when it comes to spending money but are hesitant when it comes to earning it?

Dialogue regarding investment decisions has been a purely independent sport where the five-tool players dominate the market. Friends might throw each other a tip here and there, but ultimately the boxed-off world of investing is a lonely one. Until now. Rapunzl starts the conversation that has been muted since the 1920s recession that nearly threw our entire economy into the trash along with that jean jacket your friend swore made you look twenty again.

Rapunzl Investments, founded in June 2016 by Brian Curcio and Myles Gage, opens the door between you and your neighbors to help unify investors globally. Rather than invest independently, praying that the stock you’ve got a hunch on spikes the day after you buy it, Rapunzl allows you to see what the community is doing. Your friend’s investment decisions, from buying to selling, are displayed in a news feed like a series of Tweets. Everyone’s portfolio is public, forcing the transparency and unification of investment decisions.

Think of it like taking a test. There’s always a right answer; although there are thousands, if not millions, of right answers in investing, it’s just up to you to find the right one. You probably know some of the answers on a test but not all of them. The person next to you probably knows some of them as well but not all of them either. Same as the person next to them and so on. But if everyone could pool all the answers they knew together, we’d probably do a lot better on that test than if we did it alone. Obviously collaborating on a test is almost always against the rules in a classroom setting, but it’s perfectly acceptable in the investing community. You will never know all the right answers in the stock market, but your friend might just know some that you don’t. Multiply that over your ever-growing social media following, and it looks like you’ve got a lot more right answers on your hand than you did before.

Rapunzl also offers the unique ability to compete against friends across the world in competitions geared towards attaining the highest returns. Similar to Fanduel’s and Draftkings’ daily fantasy matchups, Rapunzl offers weekly, monthly, and yearly competitions with cash rewards for the highest-returning portfolio. Now’s your chance to finally back up all that smack-talking between your friends on who is the next Warren Buffet.

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Rapunzl preaches financial market literacy as it offers educational presentations on trading, risk, and many other foundational necessities to truly understanding the stock market. In addition, it allows you to get your feet wet on a simulated portfolio before investing your hard-earned cash. The stock market is simply the accumulation of the most up-to-date news in the world categorized and displayed as numbers. By surrounding yourself with the most relevant and important news and people, we are investing smarter, together. The point of investing is simply to get rich, so why not get rich together?

So let down your hair or grab your neighbor's tresses, Rapunzl is here to help you climb the ivory tower of high returns.


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