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Instagram vs TikTok

by Katie Dawn about a year ago in social media
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my personal preference, speaking as an introvert and as a heart-centered being

Instagram vs TikTok
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I don't enjoy being the center of attention. When I started my new career path of life coaching, the advice I received from EVERYONE (a dozen different coaches) was "put yourself out there on social media". This was June 2020 ... it took me six months to find my groove, and it's still a work in progress.

I started on Instagram -- that's where most of the coaches, and my potential audience, seemed to be. (Also, Facebook, but I wasn't ready mentally to start a Facebook community right away.) I hate taking photos of myself, and it's even worse for me to take videos of myself ... but I've been doing it (slowly).

Towards the end of November, I became inspired to try TikTok ... I know, crazy after I just said videos of myself are worse than photographs! But, a coach I've spoken with (who identifies as an introvert, and works with introverted entrepreneurs) started making TikTok videos around that time, and I have a friend who's been on it for awhile (as a viewer, not as a creator), so I explored it.

I also learned about BOOKTOK last Spring -- which, if you know what BookTube and Bookstagram are, you should be able to guess what BookTok is ... but if you're not aware, it's the community of people on TikTok who talk about books.

I love reading -- I tried BookTube, I tried Bookstagram, I knew I wanted to be part of the book community in a way that wasn't just through Facebook ... so, when I made a TikTok account, I actually made TWO, one to talk about books and one for professional use.

Within the first two days, between both of my accounts, I made ten TikTok videos. ME! TEN VIDEOS! (18-year-old Kaitlyn wouldn't believe it ...)

I have since slowed down on the video creation -- my plan for 2021 is to be more consistent (two videos a week), to allow time to re-energize and let the creative juices flow again naturally. But it has truly been incredible so far; I love TikTok.

So, I've reflected on this -- why does TikTok feel so easy (for me) compared to Instagram? Is it because I had some practice showing up on Instagram first? Perhaps ... but honestly, I feel it's because of the way Instagram is used, versus TikTok. Instagram (and Facebook) can be very positive, but a lot of it is "Look at me, look at my perfect life". TikTok is just FUN; the vibe is "Look at me being a goofball". (Yes, these are VERY general statements.)

Instagram could be considered a creative outlet -- whether you're using it to display photography skills, graphic design skills, storytelling skills ... there's a variety of ways to use Instagram, and I do appreciate that aspect of it. For me though, I don't see it as FUN like I do with TikTok; Instagram is work, it's for my career, and I feel the need to put my best foot forward and (sometimes) censor myself and limit my creativity. With TikTok, even my "professional" account, I have fun with it -- I'm not there to bring in clients, I'm there to educate others in an exciting way.

I've also begun repurposing my TikToks by uploading them onto Instagram's reels. I did consider trying out reels first, but I heard from a few different sources that TikTok is easier to use and much better to go from TikTok to Instagram, instead of the other way around. I don't know if this is true, but like I've been saying, I REALLY enjoy TikTok, so ... I'm just gonna keep doing what I'm doing. (Maybe I'll play around with reels later this year though, to give it a fair shot.)

In short: Social media, in general, has never felt great to me -- just okay. Especially since 2020, I've been trying to live my life in alignment with my heart. I probably spend the same amount of time on an Instagram post or story as I do on a TikTok video ... yet, compared to Instagram, TikTok ALWAYS brings me more joy.

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Katie Dawn

I am a young woman from Canada

I am an Aquarius sun, Taurus moon, Capricorn rising

I am a reader, writer, lover of words

I am a multi-passionate individual

I am studying to become a Life and Creativity Coach

I am an open book

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