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I exercised before work every day for a week — here were the 4 biggest mistakes I made.


By Rubel AhmedPublished 2 months ago 5 min read
Gabbi Shaw

I challenged myself to exercise before work every day for a week.

While my productivity and morning energy levels increased, I made a few mistakes.

Picking my outfit the night before and eating before exercising would have set me up for success.

Upon undertaking the endeavor of engaging in daily exercise prior to commencing my work routine for a consecutive week, I have acquired valuable insights. Firstly, I have discovered that the most effective means of ensuring a restful night's sleep is to exert myself physically each morning. Additionally, I have observed a notable enhancement in my morning productivity subsequent to engaging in a vigorous workout. Lastly, despite the arduous nature of the task, I have come to realize the significance of rousing myself from slumber in order to complete my exercise regimen prior to commencing the day's activities.

Nevertheless, I have identified four errors that I committed throughout the course of the week, which I intend to rectify as I progress further in my fitness journey. These mistakes encompass both omissions and actions that I would approach differently in subsequent instances.

Failing to select my attire the previous evening proved to be an unfavorable decision. I acquired this valuable advice during my time in middle school, yet regrettably, I ceased this practice at the onset of the pandemic in 2020. Similar to the majority, I confined myself to my residence and seldom ventured outdoors. As my occupation continued to offer the option of working from home, I gradually adopted the habit of donning comfortable attire throughout the day, consequently neglecting the opportunity to assemble stylish ensembles.

Gabbi Shaw

However, amidst this exercise challenge, I found myself awakening approximately 90 minutes earlier than my usual routine, rendering the task of selecting an outfit the night before significantly more feasible. By doing so, I could effortlessly rise from my slumber the following day, don my chosen garments, and promptly depart from my abode.

However, on one particular evening, I was so fatigued from an unusually long day that I neglected to allocate time for laying out my attire for the following day. I presumed that I could simply choose my outfit the next morning.

To my dismay, this decision to select my clothing in the morning consumed valuable time, resulting in my departure being delayed by at least 15 minutes. Consequently, I found myself rushing back to my apartment after my workout, leaving me in a state of stress before commencing work.

Furthermore, I failed to consume any nourishment prior to engaging in physical exercise.

Typically, I am not particularly inclined towards having a substantial breakfast. However, after completing my workout, I discovered that I was either extremely hungry or occasionally experiencing slight dizziness.

According to the Mayo Clinic, consuming a nutritious breakfast rich in carbohydrates before engaging in physical activity may enhance performance during the workout by enabling one to exercise for a longer duration and/or with greater intensity.

If I had consumed either a breakfast bar or a protein shake, it is plausible that I would have experienced heightened energy levels prior to my workout, potentially resulting in reduced exhaustion post-workout. Regrettably, I found myself compelled to hastily make my way to the nearest coffee shop in order to procure an egg sandwich.

Gabbi Shaw

I didn't take a change of clothes with me to classes, so I was unable to take advantage of their showers.

I typically refrain from utilizing locker rooms at the gym; however, I was pleasantly surprised by the shower facilities at Rumble Boxing, one of the exercise classes I attended during the week. Despite having visited this establishment previously, I had never found the need to utilize the locker room, thus remaining unaware of the quality of their showers.

Consequently, when I made the decision to explore the amenities prior to my 8 a.m. class, I was delighted to discover that the showers were impeccably clean, equipped with high-end products, and sparsely occupied. In hindsight, I deeply regretted not having brought flip-flops and a change of clothes, as it would have allowed me to conveniently shower on-site. Given the intense perspiration resulting from the boxing and mixed cardio class, it would have been immensely beneficial to immediately cleanse myself and prepare for the day ahead.Instead, I got back to my apartment and had to wait until I had a lull in my morning to finally shower, which meant I was pretty uncomfortable for a chunk of the morning. 

I also learned I shouldn't be too hard on myself for missing a day now and then

On the final day of the challenge, I found myself reluctantly rising from bed. The reason being that the previous evening, I had engaged in activities that extended well into the night, resulting in a late return.

Gabbi Shaw

I experienced a sense of disappointment in my failure to engage in a vigorous run as initially intended; instead, I settled for a leisurely walk. However, upon contemplation, I came to the realization that it is unjust to demand flawlessness from myself in every morning workout. Achieving and maintaining good health necessitates a sense of equilibrium, wherein allocating time to socialize and enjoy oneself also plays a significant role in leading a gratifying existence.

Overall, these are things I could've done to save myself time, money, and effort

Purchasing more affordable breakfast bars in lieu of costly sandwiches at cafes, preselecting my attire in advance, and packing spare clothing and flip-flops for showering at the gym were all actions that I ought to have undertaken in order to optimize my morning routine. Additionally, I have come to realize the importance of being kind to myself and avoiding excessive self-imposed pressure.

Despite these errors, I discovered that engaging in morning exercise proved to be worthwhile due to the numerous health advantages and increased productivity I encountered throughout the week.

Henceforth, I intend to allocate additional time during the evening to facilitate a smoother morning routine.


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