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How to Secure Android Phone

by Diksha Singh 5 days ago in mobile

Keep your Android Phone Secure

Users use smartphones for different purposes, right from accessing business emails, shopping, social media accounts, saving photos to sensitive information.

But have you ever imagined what if your phone gets lost or hacked by online hackers? You will lose all your important data saved on your phone. So, it is must to keep your Android device safe. Your device safety should be your first concern as your device can meet with such incidents at any time.

The most important reason why you need to secure the Android phone is anyone can steal personal information from phones.

Now, if you are wondering how to secure the Android phone, then stop thinking and keep reading this article. You will find some of the easy ways to secure and protect your phone from theft.

Let's proceed…

How To Secure Android Phone?

#1: Smart Lock Feature

This feature provides plenty of options to secure Android phone from theft. It allows your phone to be unlocked only in a trusted situation for which you will require a pattern, biometric, password, or PIN authentication.

Smart Lock may be in a different section on phone settings. Once you open the Smart Lock section, you will be asked to set a pattern, password, or PIN. After this, you will see a list of some choices that you can set.

It will detect the motion of your phone and will remain unlocked until the movement is not stopped.

While walking if you once unlock your phone and after using it you put it back in your pocket or a bag then you don’t have to unlock it again for the next time.

You will require authenticating again only if it detects no motion in your phone for more than a moment.

Trusted Places

This feature allows users to set the particular location where their phone will remain unlocked. You can choose a location by using your business name, map placement, or street address.

Mostly phone authentication doesn’t require at home, so you can choose this option to avoid security in your phone.

Trusted Devices

If you want your phone to be remain unlock at the time of Bluetooth device connection, you can go for this option.

Sometimes you may require connecting your Bluetooth device to gym headphones or a car’s audio system.

2: Notification Permission

Android phone shows contents of received messages on the lock screen which can be visible to the user looking at your phone.

If you receive sensitive messages or simply want to set up privacy on an Android phone then you can limit your notification information to be shown on the lock screen.

  • Go to Settings on Android
  • Tap on Privacy and click the Lock screen.
  • You will see two options that are Show all notification content and Hide all notifications.

In this way, you can secure your personal information from being accessed by any other users.

You can also manage notification on the Notification and status bar section of the phone settings.

#3: Find My Device

In case if your Android phone is lost then you can use this feature to locate your device and secure personal data on your Android phone.

Here are the steps below to secure an Android phone:

  • First, go to the security section of the phone setting and click on Find My Device.
  • Click on Web to visit android.com/find on browser
  • You will be asked to allow Google to use device information, location. So, click on Accept, you will see three options to find your device

PLAY SOUND: This option will ring your lost device even if it is in silent mode.

LOCK: This allows the user to remotely set a screen lock password. In addition, it can also display the message you give for a finder on a lock screen.

ERASE: If you want to secure your data on a lost Android phone then you can choosing this option to erase all data.

4# Two Factor Authentication

You can secure the Android Phone by setting up a security key. When you log in to websites using two-factor authentication it keeps your data safe from other users being accessed.

Two-factor authentications prevent your phone from getting hacked. To secure an Android phone, first, you need to add a Google account on your phone.

If you already have an account then you can start the authentication process. If not then go to Settings>Click on Accounts>Tap on Add account>Choose Google.

After adding a Google account, follow the below steps:

  • On your Android phone, open Google Chrome.
  • Go to this website myaccount.google.com
  • Click on Security
  • Under Signing into Google, click on 2-Step Verification.
  • Tap on the Get Started and enter a password. It will show the list of Android devices where you have already signed in.
  • Click on Continue if you want those listed devices to receive your google prompts or else select Don’t see your device.
  • Then you will be asked to add a backup option. Set your backup in case if you lose your device.

In this way, you can use two-factor authentication to secure Android phone from hackers.


So this is all about how to secure Android phone. Go through the security features which are in-built on Android phone and set your phone privacy.

I hope this post will be helpful to you.

Thank you for reading.

Diksha Singh
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