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How on earth were the girls on the "pornographic website" secretly photographed?

Hacker technology

By Nell JonasPublished 4 months ago 5 min read

Now the Internet era, has also changed the nature of secret photography, no longer for selfish desires, but through the continuous spread of various porn sites, and even sold at extremely low prices to gain benefits.

The means of these secretly photographers are so professional that you can't find them at all, and because of these secretly photographers, you unwittingly become the heroine of illegal websites and are discussed wantonly.


Before that, there was an incident of "lovers' hotel being secretly photographed" in Suzhou.

Mr. Zhang and his girlfriend traveled to Suzhou and stayed at Hotel Theme on Jingde Road for three days.

But not long after returning happily, Mr. Zhang's friends accidentally saw a 40-minute video of them making out, all of which were private pictures of Mr. Zhang and his girlfriend making out in the hotel.

What makes Mr. Zhang even more angry is that the video has been circulated for more than a month, and it has been viewed by more than 40,000 people over and over again.

At the bottom of the video are hundreds of ugly comments, thinking of being "watched" from beginning to end.

Mr. Zhang's girlfriend collapsed directly and had the idea of committing suicide several times.


In addition to being hit one after another in common hotels, KTV and other private spaces, even the gym is not spared.

You know, men and women in the gym basically meet half-naked, which arouses the desire of secretly photographers.

Some people secretly take pictures of naked boys and girls in the gym locker room and then sell the photos at high prices.

In a gym in Haikou City, there was an incident in which a female member was secretly photographed in the bathroom of the gym, carved nude photos into a CD, placed in an envelope and placed on the window of a private car.

The suspect left his phone number, blackmailed the victim and posted photos and videos on adult websites for viewing as long as he refused.

I also heard that clandestine photography will be popular?

It is indeed hot, and it is the anger of the masses of the people against you.

Although the gym is a place of positive energy in the eyes of many people, there are all kinds of birds in the big forest.

So when we exercise, we should also pay attention to protect their own privacy, do not allow others to take advantage of the opportunity.


Open guns are easier to hide than hidden arrows, and sometimes even girls are 12 points careful, they can't stand the bad guys' ways of pushing through the old and coming up with new ones.

In fact, the old man with crutches is his props for secretly taking pictures.

Someone else pierced a hole in the paper bag to secretly take pictures.

The original items in the common toilet, such as toilet brushes, fragrant boxes and hooks, can be used as real-time cameras by digging a hole.

In addition, there is chewing gum-cans, etc., put in the toilet is more disgusting, few people will take the initiative to look at it, but also the worst-hit areas of theft.

No one wants to be the next protagonist in the secret camera, let alone expose their privacy to the public.

If you have the misfortune to encounter a secret photo shoot, please bravely take up the legal weapon against it, rather than swallow it and let the bad guys succeed.

I once saw on a live broadcast platform that some female anchors went to the ladies' room to secretly take pictures in order to get gifts.

The last finale is the hotel.

This needless to say, open the domestic area of the software, big bathtub, big round bed. Some netizens exposed that: especially residential accommodation is more rampant.

And the country has been cracking down on the underground industry.

Some time ago, there was also a "notice on the centralized governance of cameras and other underground industries", which put forward rigid requirements for the Internet platform and e-commerce platform and other five platforms.

But the underground industry is very hidden and it is very difficult to crack down.

Therefore, what we can do is to improve our awareness of prevention and learn more about the means of secret photography, so that we can better protect ourselves.

If we are outdoors, we can stand sideways.

This method is suitable for some places where there is a height difference, such as standing in elevators, stairs and other scenes.

Now there are all kinds of sand leggings.

If we are in the toilet, don't be afraid of getting dirty.

As mentioned above, the hidden places of the cameras are very hidden, such as chewing gum, paper towels, toilet plugs, cans, clothes hangers and so on.

If we are in a hotel, we can play games.

In fact, some cameras need to be connected to the Internet, and the network diagnostics in King can find out how many devices are connected to the WiFi.

Here are some methods given by People's Daily:

And these items that are easy to hide the camera:

In addition, there is the mirror of the hotel, check whether it is a double-sided mirror, have you ever heard of using the distance method to judge.

Be careful here, this trick is too old!

In the past, it was indeed a method of judgment, but after it was exposed, the lawbreakers also improved, they will add another layer of glass, the same distance.

So the most reliable way:

Turn off the curtains and lights and shine directly with your cell phone flashlight in the dark! If it is a two-sided mirror, you can see the opposite scene directly.

If you don't want to be a heroine, take a look.

But the helpless thing is that as long as people with bad intentions still exist, the industry chain will not stop.


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