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How Much Does Shopify Cost Per Month?

Shopify Pricing 2023: Costs, Fees & Plan Comparison

By WebyKingPublished 3 months ago 4 min read
Shopify Pricings

Having the right tools to display and sell your products is crucial in the online business world. Shopify is a leader in this area. Entrepreneurs and businesses can use it to have a strong online presence. But what exactly is Shopify, and how much does it cost? Let's break it down.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is like the digital home for your business. Think of it as your online shop, cashier, and inventory manager all rolled into one. The platform makes it easy for everyone, from small startups to big brands, to create and manage e-commerce website from scratch.

Shopify has a user-friendly interface. You can design your store, add products, and handle transactions securely. It's great for beginners in e-commerce.

One of its standout features is its flexibility. Shopify can adapt to your needs, whether you sell crafts, digital products, or other items. In addition, it has many apps and plugins to improve your store's features and appearance.

Now that we've explained what Shopify is, the next thing to understand is how much it costs. Now, let's explore the various Shopify plans and what they offer in terms of features and pricing.

Shopify Plans and Costs

Shopify has plans for all businesses, whether you're a beginner or already established. You can easily grow your business by starting with a basic plan and upgrading as needed. The platform is very flexible.

Shopify has the same features in all four plans. They offer continuous support and tools for entrepreneurs. You will also get automatic updates for orders, products, and inventory. This will make sure your online store runs smoothly.

As you move up to higher plans, you unlock even more features. Some benefits are discounted shipping, fraud analysis tools, and language translation capabilities. If you're new to selling online or want to grow, Shopify has options to fit your needs.

Let's break down the Shopify plans and costs in a simple and easy-to-understand manner:

1. Basic Shopify - $29 per month:

This is the entry-level membership plan, costing $29 a month. You can start your online business with it. It has a secure shopping cart and lets you add and sell unlimited products. You can also easily manage your inventory.

2. Shopify - $79 per month:

It's a mid-tier plan priced at $79 per month. Along with the Basic plan, Shopify provides professional reports for better business understanding. The software also has abandoned cart recovery. This helps you win back customers who almost made a purchase but changed their minds.

3. Advanced Shopify - $299 per month:

Advanced Shopify plan priced at $299 per month. Advanced Shopify goes beyond the basics. You can customize your analytics with the advanced report builder to fit your needs. You can get shipping rates from third parties, and they are calculated to be accurate. These rates can save you money on transaction fees by giving you lower credit card rates.

Key Features Across All Plans:

  • Secure shopping cart: Your customers can shop with confidence.
  • 24/7 customer support: Assistance is just a message away.
  • Ability to sell on various channels: Expand your social media reach.

Additional Shopify Costs

Building an e-commerce website with Shopify comes with extra costs besides the subscription plans. Consider these factors when making a budget to get a complete financial picture.

  1. Domain Name: Shopify provides a free myshopify.com domain. However, it's advisable to purchase a custom domain from Shopify or another registrar. This costs extra each year.
  2. Themes and Design: Shopify has free themes, but you might want a premium one for a special and professional look. Premium themes often come with a one-time cost.
  3. Apps and Plugins: To enhance the capabilities of a Shopify store, businesses often purchase premium plugins. Plugin prices range from around INR 400 per month to several hundred INRs.
  4. Transaction and Credit Card Fees: Depending on the payment gateway selected, transaction fees can be different. Shopify Payments and external gateways have their own rates.
  5. Shipping Costs: Shipping your products to customers is a practical consideration. It includes postage, packaging materials, and additional tracking or expedited shipping services.
  6. Development and Customization: If you require specific functionalities not covered by Shopify's standard features, hiring professional Shopify development services for custom coding or theme adjustments may involve additional costs.

To have a complete budget and be ready for the costs of a Shopify store, consider these extra expenses. If you want to know more about the overall costs of building an eCommerce website with Shopify, you can read this helpful article on e-commerce website costs.


In conclusion, the cost of using Shopify depends on your business needs. Pricing plans range from $29 to $299 per month. But don't forget, there could be extra costs like domain fees, theme options, and app expenses. Shopify also offers a 14-days free trial.

Despite the price tag, Shopify's versatility and scalability stand out. If you're new or want to grow your business, Shopify offers tools and resources for online sales.

If you want to start using Shopify but still have confusion, don’t worry reach out to us now, we are here to help you.

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