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How Do I Scroll To The Very Top of a Chat on Snapchat?

by Aamir Kamal about a year ago in social media
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How can you scroll to the top of the chat in Snapchat?

How Do I Scroll To The Very Top of a Chat on Snapchat?
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Spanchat is gaining popularity worldwide, and every single day it can be seen that thousands of new users enroll themselves to this platform. The unique feature of disappearing messages after it's seen made Snapchat different from other apps.

Snapchat has other exciting features like putting stories, filters, lenses, snap maps, and many more. Users worldwide love dangling with these features.

Many users have come up with a question of 'How do I Scroll to the very top of a chat on Snapchat?

The answer is, put your finger on top of the chat list and swipe it downwards. This will keep showing the chat results that are above. Keep repeating the process until you come to the beginning. There is another way to get to the top of the chat list without scrolling.

You need to click on the chat icon in the bottom left corner of your screen. Clicking on the chat icon will automatically bring you to the top of the chat.

Snapchat fixes its platform and continues to add features in the form of updates. Each update brings new features into the app, which are both appreciated and criticized by its users. One such update was disappearing chats.

This feature has been a topic of debate for months now. The old messages inside a chatbox disappear. Users find it difficult to retrieve old messages from their chats.

However, we have come with a solution that will help users to gain access to their old messages any time they want.

Snapchat doesn't naturally save chats. If a user needs to see their chat history, they should keep the conversations manually. Assuming you need to see your chat history, you should save the chats manually. You can do it by tapping on the chat icon.

At that point, it is saved permanently, and you can backpedal on it whenever you want. However, there is another option. You could screenshot your chats with your friends. However, saving the conversation is more inconspicuous.

Every time a screenshot has been taken, it informs the other participant by giving them a notification. But, saving the chats doesn't do this. The other participant will still know that you have saved the talks, but it will be one-time.

Here are the steps to follow to screenshot a chat

  1. Open the app on your phone. Click on the yellow icon having a ghost in it
  2. Click on the chat icon in the bottom left of the screen. On the bottom of the screen, press on the second bottom from the left
  3. Open the chat of the person. Click on the chat icon of the person whose screenshot you want to take
  4. Press your phone's screenshot combination

The other person in the chat will instantly get a notification that you have taken a screenshot of the app.

  • For taking a screenshot in iPhone, press the sleep/wake and home button at the same time and release them.
  • For android phones, press Power/Lock and any Volume button simultaneously and release them. However, in some android phones, you need to slide down three fingers on the phone's screen or press the Power/Lock and home button together.

Here are steps to follow to save a chat:

  1. Open the app and go to Chats on the bottom left.
  2. Open the conversation of the friend whose message you want to save.
  3. Tap on the message and press and hold.
  4. Click the 'Save in Chat' option.

This process will help you to save the messages. It is important to remember that both the participants will know that the chat has been saved. However, only the person who saved the message could reverse the action back.

They can do it by tapping on the message and by pressing on that. The saved chats will be grey.

Snapchatting is fun

Snapchat is made for exchanging media with your friend without the fear of any other people viewing it. The disappearing message feature could be best for people who find it difficult to delete older messages after the chat is full continuously.

Also, you cannot scroll up and down or read back the messages after viewing the message because they won't be there. You can view the media for 10 seconds. You can view the same media one last time if you want if you have missed the first glance.

Users can take a screenshot during this 10 seconds time frame. Not to mention the filters, it enhances the fun experience. There are hundreds of filters on Snapchat to try. Tell us if we have answered your question in the comment section below.

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I hope this helps.

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