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High time to implement network monitoring tools in your IT infrastructure systems

by Sun Technologies 8 months ago in list
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Networks are essential for any connected business operations, it’s high time to implement network monitoring tools in your IT infrastructure systems that ensures auto-detection, high-end diagnosis, and enhances network performance.

Network monitoring tools

Networks are essential for any connected business operations. In addition, it plays a vital role in continuous business functions by serving administrative purposes for internal resources and connecting with organizations' clients.

As the business transforms from manual to digital operations, all the components are built on a cloud platform, where they can only be accessible through the network. So it is essential to monitor the availability, health, and performance of the organization's network to keep the connectivity up and restrict unauthorized user access for better security. This can only be possible by having network monitoring tools in your IT infrastructure.

With the help of network monitoring tools in an organization, authorized IT administrators can manage cloud network performance network traffic and detect that physical networking components like switches, routers, and web servers are working as expected 24/7.

Below are few common challenges organization face and the solutions offered to overcome such on maintaining network:

1.Lack of end to end network visibility

One bad network glitch could cause huge loss for organizations. In addition, the organizations face issues in tracking particular portions of network performance. This becomes challenging in understanding network performance parameters in different situations.


Implementing an automated network monitoring tool allows organizations to understand performance issues and log every transaction through their network line.

2.Misconfigurations that leads decreased visibility

A huge network will be configured with various functions devices like routers, switches, range extenders etc, to provide better connectivity to the organization.

Installing or replacing new devices needs to be configured to ensure that they are working as expected. Whenever there is a new device, an organization’s IT administrator needs to apply a new configuration and test the device's performance to ensure there is no misconfigurations due to human error that negatively affects the organization's network.


A network monitoring tool makes workload easy for an organization’s IT administrator to newly configured devices and tracks their performance under a single dashboard.

3.Lack of knowledge and awareness about performance data and insights

Every organisation's business model requires different requirements for its network performance. The company must keep a track of the user traffic with respect to each pre-built to deliver better customer experience. Manual examination of various performance parameters becomes hectic for an IT administrator.


Implementing network monitoring tools can test, track, and record data of various performance parameters and judge organizations' network behaviours.

4.Stringent SLAs that leads to productivity loss

There will be a massive loss of productivity of business time due to the exhaustive manual work in maintaining multiple tools linked with various devices.In addition, this can lead to incomplete data analysis, and IT teams cannot meet their SLAs on time.


Network monitoring tools can do the work in no time by collecting and analyzing the data from different parameters and devices. Thus IT administrators can view the complete result under a single application and initial the actions according to it. By doing this organizations can meet their SLAs within the specified time.

Business Benefits of SNMT

Here are few benefits organisations achieve by implementing SNMT as a part of their infra setup

1.Faster troubleshooting mechanism that fixes issues with 5x speed

In the business world, time is money. SNMT help identify the issues easier and fix them faster. Whether the issue is with the device misconfiguration or abnormal traffic fluctuations, it can sort most of the issues without an IT administrator involved.

2. Enhanced security with identifying threats

A network monitoring tool acts as the first level of security for an organization's network. SNMT can record and analyze the data of whole network behaviors in every parameter and notify the IT admin when there is an unusual traffic spike, unfamiliar devices connect, or any unauthorized user access and take necessary steps to prevent data breaches in the organization via the network.

3. Supports future upgrades without any hassles

As the business grows, there will be more requirements for new branch offices and additional networking devices. SNMT is the right solution to manage the whole organization’s network under a single panel.

4. Increased productivity with greater ROI

Organizations face a heavy workload in maintaining multiple IT administrators for monitoring their network from multiple tools, which leads to productivity loss. SNMT can boost the productivity of resources by monitoring all parameters under one platform without the need to dig into each parameter manually, so the IT teams can dedicate most of their time on critical projects. This also delivers immediate ROI.


Choosing the right network monitoring tool can benefit organizations to be futuristic, flexible, and reliable with their networks. Sun Technologies’ Network Monitoring tool, SNMT can help you monitor your network 24/7 and proactively identify threats.

It is a light weight network monitoring tool that help organizations like yours with its amazing features such as auto-detection, high-end diagnosis, network performance enhancements and 24/7 proactive monitoring. In a nutshell, SNMT is the most efficient, user-friendly, and proactive IT monitoring tool on the market with advanced capabilities.

Contact us today to boost your infra effectiveness today!


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